Spider-Man Homecoming: Tom Holland tries the Iron Spider mask!

Cinema 28 December, 2016

In full promotion of Spider-Man Homecoming, Tom Holland has pleased fans by trying the mask of Iron Spider!
Since his first movie adventure in 2002, Spider-Man has not really changed much. Obviously, between The Amazing Spider-Man and Civil War , it adopted several designs, but many fans dream of seeing the hero wear a different outfit drawn from many insights in the comics. Tom Holland, who will play Peter Parker in Spider-Man Homecoming, the trailer in which the weaver faces the Vulture was unveiled , is currently in full promotion of the film. The actor also enjoys much to adopt the behavior of the character that he incarnates on the screen through various social networks. : Fun and stuffed with spread.
Spider-Man fans were able to discover Tom Holland fun to put on an Iron Spider mask on his Snapchat account. A costume that many would like to see on the screen and which, as a reminder, was designed by Tony Stark. The billionaire will be very present in Spider-Man Homecoming, whose wings canvas were confirmed , and it is not impossible that the suit is present in the film (or preview off as a nod). Not to mention that in the comics, the costume of Iron Spider was designed during the Civil War events more reason for fans to hope his presence. It remains to be seen whether, this time, Marvel Studios will take the risk of introducing the spectators less connoisseurs. What do you think ?