Spider-Man Homecoming: Tom Holland unveils all the secrets of the Spider-Man costume

Cinema 7 June, 2017

The costume that Spidey wears in Spider-Man: Homecoming is a true technological marvel. And Tom Holland reveals today some secrets!
It must be said what is. Before meeting Tony Stark in Captain America: Civil War, Peter Parker (Tom Holland) did not look … frankly very cool. With his homemade costume cut too large, he even looked rather ridiculous. What Tony Stark, the bard of elegance, knew how to remedy. And to make things right, he even added a few small features and some practical accessories that prove very useful to fight crime in Spider-Man: Homecoming. Moreover, Tom Holland, who recently revealed how the film would be different from the previous ones , did not hesitate to compare the holding of Spidey … a smartphone of last generation ! He declares, revealing the secrets of the superhero’s costume: ” It is almost like a technologically hyper advanced iPhone. He can do so many things. He helps him track people, listen to conversations and spot threats. It’s really a very, very cool way to integrate modern technology into the world of a superhero that was created a long time ago . “And again, for Tom Holland, there’s one thing about this costume that is even more interesting than all these extraordinary features!
Because you figure, the meltynauts, that Peter Parker himself does not know all that his costume can do! And that it risks to discover it little by little, by chance. So expect some rather delirious scenes in which our superhero will have to deal with the surprises of his outfit. Tom Holland tells the CNET website: ” I find that one of the most exciting elements of the film is that Peter does not know all the secrets and potential of his costume. Produces a lot of things without Peter asking for anything, which is really funny, and there’s a very, very funny scene in the movie where it happens . ” If that’s not teasing! That makes us think that even the inventions of the Builder, who unveiled on a picture of Spider-Man: Homecoming , will not know how to measure up! Sure, Peter Parker is likely to feel a bit naked when Tony Stark takes him back to his costume. How do you find Spidey’s costume?