Spider-Man Homecoming: Two new spin offs planned?

Cinema 22 June, 2017

Spider-Man spin-off rumors are multiplying at a frightening speed from Sony’s side!
What is certain is that the film on Venom is a reality! Proof, we learned this morning who will be the big villain in this spin off of Spider-Man . The other project is Silver & Black , which will bring together on screen Silver Sable and Black Cat but in the end, we know that Sony dreams of a movie Sinister Six since its films The Amazing Spider-Man. This alliance of villains against Spidey should ultimately not take place, but the latest rumors make us say that it may change in the distant future, since Sony is in the process of developing two other films dedicated to Kraven the Hunter and Mysterio .
For the moment nothing concrete but just ideas barely evoked by Tom Rothman , the president of Sony. If we can categorize the characters quoted just before as anti-heroes or heroes, Kraven and Mysterio are baddies much less nuanced in the comics and that would be the first films of comics whose main character is a villain. It is clearly a rather risky strategy but very original and just for that, it could be that only ideas remain but it must be acknowledged that it is rather courageous. After all, this Spider-verse cinematographic will not build itself, even if Spider-Man Homecoming looks like a good starting point.