Spider-Man Homecoming: What do post-generic scenes contain?

Cinema 13 July, 2017

Stay well until the very end of the credits of Spider-Man Homecoming because unusual scenes await you. Attention Spoilers.

This is the tradition and Spider-Man Homecoming does not escape the rule! If you are going to see the movie today or in the next few days, we advise you not to leave immediately after the beginning of the credits. Be careful, if you want to keep the surprise, do not continue this article because you are told ALL. You are still here ? OK ! As with most superhero movies, the director slipped two post-generic scenes at the end of Homecoming, it’s certainly less than the 5 scenes of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, but it’s always more than Wonder Woman who had no post-generic scene. Ready to know what they contain? CAUTION SPOILERS.

The first tease no doubt follows the adventures of Spidey since we find Adrian Toomes / The Vulture aka the enemy n ° 1 of Peter Parker in Homecoming, while he strolls in his new prison. The latter crosses another prisoner who is also quite angry with our new favorite superhero and seeks to know his identity. While Adrian Toomes knows who is hiding under the costume of the spider man, he chose not to say anything. So, does he want to be the only one to take revenge on Spidey or does he finally want to protect him? The second is a little less essential, but much more funny!

When you see Spider-Man Homecoming, the first 4 minutes of which have been unveiled, or even if you’ve seen it, you know that Captain America appears several times through educational videos to motivate and teach Peter’s High School. So we find it at the end, after waiting for all the credits hoping to see a trick of egg, a teasing of the Avengers or the next movies, but no we end up with Cap who gives us a discourse on patience and his Virtues! It is useless, but it is funny and we would miss an opportunity to see Cap ‘under no pretext!