Spider-Man Homecoming: What is Tony Stark’s Damage Control?

Cinema 13 July, 2017

Damage Control is making its debut with Spider-Man: Homecoming? But where does it come from and what is it for? Warning, spoilers!

Superheroes fighting bad guys, inevitably, it does some damage! But, at the same time, what does it take to clean behind them? Who went to repair the streets of London after Malekith’s assault in Thor: The World of Darkness or Berlin Airport once the Avengers had finished destroying the planes in Captain America: Civil War? Come on, confess that you have asked yourself these questions! Until then, of course, we had no clear answer. It is even believed that the rehabilitation of the cities and infrastructures was done a little thanks to the operation of the Holy Spirit. Well, in the end, it is not, of course since there is indeed an organization charged to wipe the plaster … and to recover any object or dangerous artifact. And this organization is none other than “Damage Control”, which is taking its first steps on the big screen today thanks to Spider-Man: Homecoming, which marks the energetic return of Spidey. But where does it come from and what place does it occupy in the MCU? Warning, spoilers!

In reality, Damage Control only appears very briefly at the very beginning of the film, which does not prevent it from playing a critical role in the decision of Adrian Toomes to become the Vulture. Michael Keaton’s character is interrupted by the arrival of the organization, led by Anne Marie Hoag (Tyne Daly), who is working with his team to clean the streets of New York after the Chitauri invasion. ). The latter quickly put Toomes and his team out of work, considering that only Damage Control is able to take charge of the cleaning operation. And for good reason, there are dangerous Chitauri weapons in the rubble! The organization, founded by none other than Tony Stark, then seizes the site and puts Toomes and his men at the door. This is the only scene in which Damage Control appears but this is enough to fill one of these plot hole whose MCU is not exempt.

As you can see, Damage Control’s mission is to make sure that the cities partly destroyed by the Avengers and their enemies find a semblance of order. And it is not an invention of the MCU, quite the contrary! Because the organization first appeared in 1988 in “Marvel Age Annual,” thanks to screenwriter Dwayne McDuffe and illustrator Ernie Colon. And Tony Stark is not the only founder since it also belongs to half … Wilson Fisk, who was seen in the role of villain in the first season of Daredevil! Damage Control becomes so popular that it ends up being entitled to its own mini-series between 1989 and 1991, while slipping of course in the other Marvel comics, starting with the crossover “Civil War”. And its role is of course always the same: clean and repair anything that has been damaged by the conflicts between the superheroes and their opponents.

Of course, the presence of Damage Control is first and foremost a tasty Easter Egg for fans, as is the case of the cameo that Captain America makes in Spider-Man: Homecoming. However, its existence makes it possible to explain, at a delay, what happens to these buildings and streets destroyed by the alien ships that have the unfortunate tendency to crash on Earth. Besides, it also enhances the background of the MCU, which is always a good thing. But of course not everything! Because you can imagine, meltynauts, that there was a time when it was planned that Damage Control had its own TV series, which would have been conceived as a kind of sitcom. His appearance in Spider-Man: Homecoming could push the studios to consider finally producing this show? After all, is not that what happened with the SHIELD and its series, Agents of SHIELD? That opens in any case interesting prospects!