Spider-Man Homecoming: What Zendaya character really plays?

Cinema 14 July, 2017

And here, the mystery Michelle is finally up! So, who is this young girl interpreted by Zendaya in Spider-Man: Homecoming? Warning, spoilers!

If there is a character that we would have liked to see in Spider-Man: Homecoming, which marks the return of the young super-hero on the big screen, it is Michelle! Because we are not going to lie, Zendaya is simply perfect in the role of this sarcastic high school student and sharp tongue. And unfortunately, it can not be said that the girl was very present in the film, having finally only a few scenes to her credit. Yet, what did we hear about the character, just before the release of the film! Because Michelle had a real peculiarity: we did not really know who she was. Even though many saw in it a certain Mary Jane Watson, theory that studios have been working to dismantle over the weeks. But now that the movie is out, we know FINALLY which character plays Zendaya. Attention, spoilers, of course!

Being part of the Academy Decathlon team at his high school, alongside Liz (Laura Harrier), Ned (Jacob Batalon) and Peter, Michelle is both a rare intelligence – with strange interests For someone his age – and kind to say what she thinks. It’s a bit of a pain to be proud of one another. And during the whole film, one is content to think that it is only a comrade of more than Peter, that it is merely a little special and, that in bottom, it is there only to give more Of thickness to the high school life of our hero. While knowing that there was little chance that Michelle was related to Adrian Toomes in Spider-Man: Homecoming. And then at the very end of the film, it swings us in the face … a real bomb! She says, “My friends call me MJ.” BIM! Were the theories imagined by the fans true?

The answer to this question, the meltynauts, is unfortunately “no”. Kevin Feige himself confirmed this, admitting in an interview with IGN that it was more a matter of paying tribute to the character of MJ and offering a nod to the fans. He said, “We never intended to make such a big revelation, it’s more a fun tribute to Peter’s old adventures and loves. Watson. She was never Mary Jane Watson. ” That’s it. It is not because Michelle has as nickname MJ that she is actually Mary Jane. But the same Kevin Feige also told Den of Geek that the character of Zendaya could go in a very interesting direction, saying: “In this context, it is very different, it is not Mary Jane Watson, but by giving it These initials evoke a dynamic that could take a turn as interesting as intriguing.

But then who is Michelle, in the end? Simply Michelle, apparently. This does not mean that the character and his relationship with Peter – which she observes with a little too careful eye to be perfectly honest – is not going to evolve in a very interesting direction. Because yes, it’s clear, Michelle is far from being like Mary Jane Watson, who always tended to be a little bit the damsel in distress that Peter must always go to save. And, strangely, one imagines Michelle pretty badly as a damsel in distress. But the girl could very well take the place of MJ in the MCU and renew a little a character that is too well known. A bit like what was done with Spidey himself. Spider-Man: Homecoming marking the beginning of a new arc, we cross our fingers so that Michelle returns in the suite. Would not it be because it is a fantastic addition to the universe of our Weaver!