Spider-Man Homecoming: What’s next for the contract between Marvel and Sony?

Cinema 14 July, 2017

What future will the deal between Marvel and Sony have in the years to come? We take stock of it!

Spider-Man Homecoming is a return to roots full of energy that definitely marks the return of the character for years to come. And we find ourselves with a rather unprecedented situation since it is the collaboration between Sony and the studios Marvel that allowed this film to see the light of day except that it is a little brothel to understand what really happens in scenes. On the one hand, Spider-Man will appear in The Avengers 3 Infinity War and a sequel to Homecoming is already planned, but the other Sony will develop the universe around the superhero. But remember the terms of the deal as they are known: Sony totally finances the film and recovers the box office receipts, and Marvel helps to find the cast and give life to the film.

The advantage for Kevin Feige and his teams is that they now have the right to use Spidey in the MCU and keep a right on the development of the next Peter Parker movies, but also gain a lot on The merchandising, which remains a property of Disney / Marvel. The announced success of Spider-Man Homecoming is expected to consolidate the relationship between the two studios and it is very unlikely that Sony decides to leave after enjoying the resources and power of Marvel studios. But that does not mean that the situation is easy, because there is the case of the many films provided by Sony, the spin-off Venom with Tom Hardy in mind.

The deal only deals with Spider-Man and only this character, so Marvel has no say in everything that is produced from the other characters in Peter Parker’s universe, whether it’s for his gallery of enemies , Or its allies. We will not see Tom Holland in these films, and they will not be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and will form a universe quite apart, which risks losing quite a lot of spectators. Even a simple Spidey cameo would automatically link any film to the MCU and it is inconceivable that Feige would accept that a production on which he had no creative control be associated with his large project set as paper to music. Will the announced success of Homecoming bring everyone to the negotiating table to extend this complex collaboration? Difficult to say at the moment and it is unlikely that the information will be revealed to the public and we will have to rely on Amy Pascal’s (good) decisions.