Spielberg, the director who heats you and then leaves you in plan

Cinema 6 January, 2017

It is the privilege of the guys who weigh, they can choose, to select, without problems or remorse. The proof with these films that the American could have realized.

Harry Potter
Steven Spielberg was the first director approached to bring to the screen the fabulous story of JK Rowling. And it was rather leaving, until it was necessary to agree on the cast. So quickly, mine of nothing, it slipped. Stevie wanted to see Haley Joel Osment as Harry Potter , because he had gets off in “The Sixth Sense”. Except that the novelist required British actors. Veto posed, no possibility of negotiation, and Spielberg did not move either. Then he stopped. And he turned the young American into “Artificial Intelligence”, no but!

Paramount Pictures grabs the rights to Dreamworks movies, Steven Spielberg confirmed his interest in the realization. In 2006. The following year, Jonathan Nolan wrote the screenplay and the business is still rolling. Two years later it goes bad: in 2009, broadcasting rights pass to Walt Disney Pictures and the director leaves the project . While as a founder of Dreamworks, he was aware of the trick. In short, he no longer feels it.

American sniper
This time, it is with the Warner Bros. Pictures that the director and Dreamworks do not get along. And more specifically, the planned budget . So fuck it , breaks Spielberg and Clint Eastwood Warner opt for the achievement.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Convinced by the project, he contacts his buddy Tom Cruise to play the lead role and both begin to talk about the film. Then finally, Stevie prefer to turn “Jurassic Park” and “Schindler’s List” . “No, I’m not expecting you to talk to me … Ok I’m coming in! Uh yeah I got better, so no thanks.” It was in 1993, the film will finally be released in 2008, directed by David Fincher.

Big Fish
The same delirium. He was motivated and already knew who he wanted to see as the main actor, Jack Nicholson. But he dropped in favor of “Minority Report”, to finally work with his pal Tom Cruise , for the first time. Then it will chain by “Stop me if you can”, history to make clear that it is really not available.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty
Spielberg is “a hurried man”. Leaving to film the film with Jim Carrey in protagonist, in 2003, he ends up abandoning the project a year later when he sees the slowness of the trick. The scénar is still not complete, validated, clear, and that the soaûle . No time to be silly. He will make “The War of the Worlds” and then “Munich” instead. And it is Ben Stiller who replaces the duo announced, as director and actor, in 2011, for a movie release in 2013.

Rain Man
It was the screenwriter Ronald Bass who swung. He even confided that Spielberg had started working with Dustin Hoffman and Tom Cruise … before leaving the ship to achieve “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.” It’s okay, Barry Levinson assured and “Rain Man” was a success anyway. Indiana Jones also, so everyone is happy. Which of these films would you like him to realize?