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Entertainment 18 December, 2017


For this 16th edition of the Stars of the Sport, an event that brings together champions of all the sports disciplines, the organizers have put the small dishes in the large, And this year, instead of just trying the sport to other athletes, sports and athletes have had to tackle an opponent much tougher : Denis Brogniart, who came with a small piece of Koh Lanta.

Everything had begun well : at 9: 30, the guest Stars of the Sport had the choice between heading out on the slopes enjoying the snow, which fell in abundance, or yoga to get back in the legs after the evening of the previous day. In the early afternoon, things started to get tougher with the racket sports, running in the powdery snow which was nearly to give some stiffness to the more hardened and seasoned. But this was nothing compared to what awaited them : a mini Koh-Lanta, organised by Denis Brogniart itself.

Four events from the show have been rebuilt on the snow front : la race-blind, archery, tasting of insects, and the mythical race of the poles. The athletes have not done very well, and are given with intensity despite the snow that fell in a continuous and very low temperatures. Special Mention to Camille Lacourt, who has swallowed without flinching the larvae that have been presented, with a voracity that has no equal.

To recover from these emotions, sports and athletes were treated to a performance by comedian Waly Dia to 22 pm : all improv, he asked them to choose the topics with which they wanted to laugh. Have had their moment of glory in the sport, of course, the SNCF, Donald Trump, police officers and even Patrick Fiori, present in the room. First timid, and the laughter have ended up fuser, throwing in a good mood, an evening spent on the dance floor. Without excess, however : the next day, Sunday 17 December, the athletes have an appointment with the event queen of the Stars of the Sport. The Yeti Race, a trail of 9 km in the mountain, dotted with wide-ranging challenges such as rifle shooting or the cutting of logs to the saw. It’s better to attack in full form !

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