Sports stars, day 4 : When Joyce Jonathan, Claudio Capéo and Patrick Fiori are singing the champions Gala

Entertainment 21 December, 2017


The edition 2017 all-Star Sport is coming to its end. And offers a last concert, more than exciting, with Joyce Jonathan, Aliose, Claudio Capéo, Patrick Fiori and Féfé.

Those who wanted to go skiing for the 4th morning of the Stars of the Sport have been entitled to a little disappointment : a beautiful snow storm which forced everyone except the skiers and skiers more experienced·e·s, to stay quietly in the Club Med. What recover after the hard day the day before and before going to test the Teqball in the afternoon. A new sport represented in France by the former professional footballer Jawad El Hajri.

The principle : to play ping-pong… with a ball of foot and feet. The table is adapted (curved and reinforced), and the result is very surprising. After a few hours, anyone can play, even if football and footballers are at an advantage. A team trained by Laurent Blanc and Laure Boulleau of PSG, arrived the day before, has done wonders on the field. The tournament organized between the sponsors sports and hopes it has seen the victory in the final of Florent Malouda and his protégé Mathilde Kack, in the face of the rugby players away from demerit in the game at the foot.

The 4th evening of the Stars of the Sport in 2017 was one of the most beautiful for years. On stage, Joyce Jonathan, Aliose, Claudio Capéo (already last year), Patrick Fiori and Féfé followed one another, the public image a little more each time, with multiple standing ovations… and leaving the artists frompushing them several reminders by their cheers and applause. Singers met several times for separate occasions, including two in tribute to Johnny Hallyday – with the sport picking up in heart Light the fire.

Photo credits : KSMP/Jean-Marie Hervio

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