Stallone launches a series on Netflix, here are the ones we want to see also

Cinema 27 January, 2017

“Sly” has found a concept that fits him well, soon we will see it on Netflix. History to vary the pleasures, one would like to be able to zap on these other series. Fiction.
Still a little less than a month to hold. Friday, February 24 will begin the series “Ultimate Beastmaster”, created by Sylvester Stallone, in which candidates must reach the end of an obstacle course could not be more difficult . In ten episodes, we will see a person winning each of the first nine, then the 9 finalists compete in the last. A very physical thing that sticks to the memories that one has of Sly, its mythical roles and its character. And because other actors of his generation deserve their series, was devised some concepts .
Chuck Norris: Bastard Punchline
Besides the shots of savate and the straight who leave fairly quickly, Chuck remains a master in punchline. When you make him shit, he tells you and with the forms. Eloquently . This is his other way of cutting the whistle of those who walk on his feet. Thus, we could summon sixteen candidates and make them compete on stage, in battle mode of rap. Each would have three sentences to swing to the other, violence punchlines being judged by Chuck himself (just indicating the height of the duel he says) and the public (the volume of her screams and the use of expressions such That “Ouuuuuuh”, “Bouya”, “Suck this” and “He killed you right there man”).
Jean-Claude Van Damme: incomprehensible philosophical flights
A sort of literary competition where the most original thought will be rewarded. Yes, today, we lack thinkers, people who come out of the nails. Think out of the box , as say our Americans friends. And JC knows how to do it brilliantly. Who better than him to select the next philosophers to lead us to the light? And in order not to get the level down, it has to be inaccessible to ordinary mortals . Ten candidates will be selected, each with a 45-minute episode during which he will be judged by JC and the public. To get the best possible score, he will have to be able to sustain a thorough exchange with JC without interruption or doubt. JC will award him a mark at the end, from 1 to 10. The audience will note on the basis of their understanding of the remarks and the length of time that he really listened to before dropping out. Obviously, the best score (from 1 to 10 too) will be attributed to the incomprehensible candidate and who has lost the attention of the mediocre thinkers that we are. The title will go to the one closest to the 20/20. In case of a tie, a face-off will take place between the two finalists.
Steven Seagal: Stun a guy with a single slap
We stop to philosophize, return to pure force. The basis of manhood, real gentlemen, solid. Because Steven Seagal is a safe guy. Everybody knows it. With a typically British phlegm (it is strong, for an American), it sent to the carpet its opponents of a simple slap. Yes, often in the mouth. Hit hard and accurately, priority to efficiency . By direct elimination, 16 candidates will compete, by duel. The one who sleeps the other with a slap prevails. From eighth to final. So there will be fifteen episodes.
Arnold Schwarzenegger: one-handed shooting
Proof that it serves a purpose to go to the room every day. And for years. Formerly Universal, the Austrian became Hollywood star thanks to its imposing stature and its prominent muscles. So when he handled huge firecrackers, he could afford to keep a hand easy . The concept: to find the guy who can pull a hand without resign shoulder or tear the arm . The candidates will begin with a revolver, then take a shotgun, then a shotgun, then a machine gun, before moving to the rocket launcher and finish at the bazooka. The last standing, whole, pockets the bet: all weapons used, a diploma signed by Schwarzy and a role in a blockbuster.
Christophe Lambert: laugh undefinable
The rumor tells that Les Inconnus would have invented their expression “I would have to invent words that do not exist in the dico” referring to the unique and inimitable laughter of Christophe Lambert. In most of his films, he regale us and we still do not know how to describe his sneer. Owned, sarcastic, flippant, provocative, guttural … A bit of everything at once, and other things . The competition will take place in two phases. The first will consist for the candidates to imitate as much as possible the laughter of Cricri. Performance evaluated by our master and a software comparing their laughter and hers. The second round will let the candidates invent their own laughter. And if Christophe Lambert can not describe or imitate it, it is won. What series are you most interested in seeing? What about other ideas?