Staph : a button pierced would have been very wrong

Health 16 August, 2017


Published the 13.08.2017 at 18h06


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A young American has had a great fright after just having punched a button on his brow. Frightened by what might happen to him, she has decided to share his misadventure on the social networks.

Katie Wright, 21 years old, recounted what happened to him, photos. Suffering for a time because of what she thought was an ugly button, the young woman decided to pierce it. But in a few hours his whole face began to swell. So she decided to go to the emergency room in Austin (United States).


Risk of dissemination

The doctors quickly diagnosed what was suffering Katie Wright. And it was much more serious than a simple button. It was in reality a cellulitis, a bacterial infection of the deep layers of the skin.

Staph seems to be the origin of the disease to Katie, who says : “As it was on my face, there was a big risk that it would spread to my brain or my eyes, and it makes me blind “. Actually, Dr. Jessica Kant, of the city university of New York, confirmed to the Huffington Post, ” When the infection passes from the skin to the bloodstream, it can cross the orbit of the eye, the brain, the sinuses, joints and bones “.

Expensive experiment

All is finally well done to the young woman, who is now cured. It is assumed that this infection can be due to poor hygiene, relating to the maintenance of its makeup brushes. It urges, therefore, now women have to take care of their utensils to avoid an experience of ” expensive and painful “. The medical care is deemed expensive in the United States, Katie has pinned a tweet on his profile, indicating that a pool was open to help pay for his medical bills !

I’m the viral #StaphGirl now. Please help with my med bills if you can & wash your brushes! Donate: via @gofundme

— katie (@katiewright) August 8, 2017