Star “is a much darker series that Empire,” Lee Daniels tease her musical novelty!

Cinema 9 November, 2016

While the broadcast of Season 3 Empire resumes tonight, Lee Daniels talks about her new Star series, which he describes as “much darker”!

star-saison-1-episode-1-vostfr-streamingTonight is the return of Empire on FOX! The American network will air the episode 5 of season 3, which looks explosive. Meanwhile, here are new revelations about his little sister Star ! Having introduced its new music series such as anti-Empire, Lee Daniels also said during an interview with Essence Magazine . “We recognize much in the characters. We love them, their pain is felt. This is a much darker series that Empire (…) where Empire is very pop and talks about the success, Star focuses on talent and behind the scenes of the music industry, so as never seen before, all at through music, ” says the American director.

Lee Daniels continues .? “We see this group of girls tear, slowly but surely, when they begin to experience success How they live their fame and the price they must pay for it Through this, we deal with great contemporary political issues: the movement Black Lives Matter, atrocities occurring in foster homes we see our heroine, Star, a white that is immersed in a world of black and we discover what it’s like. being white in a world of black. racism is treated in a totally new way. Everyone is afraid to say that blacks can be racist too, and so we do not really know what it looks like in such cases there. I can not wait to show it ” . And having clearly explained why Star is different from Empire , Lee Daniels does not hesitate to compare his new creation to cult HBO series of the universe …

Speaking of heroines Star , he confides . “These girls are breathtaking They are provocative and represent girls today, with the view of women today (…) I souviens de Sex and the City à son lancement, je m’étais dit ‘Wow… ces filles ont vraiment quelque chose à dire’. Star a un peu de ça, mais avec ma touche personnelle” . We’ll have to wait until Wednesday, December 14 to see the first episode of Star, which will be released just after the mid-season finale of Season 3 Empire, on FOX . Then the musical novelty of Lee Daniels will resume January 4, 2017 , without her big sister this time. He will be the success to date?