Star: The Anti-Empire? The astonishing revelations of Lee Daniels on his new musical series!

Cinema 5 November, 2016

star-saison-1-empire-saison-3-fox-lee-danielsEvery Empire fans who wait to discover Star, FOX musical novelty, Lee Daniels cautions you: both series are opposite to each other!

That’s it, the meltynautes: we finally know the release date of Star, the little sister of Empire ! Yes, this week revealed when FOX would air the pilot of the new series signed Lee Daniels. To recall, the show features three young singers, who are trying to become stars. But the ruthless world of music will do them no favors, and the road to success is packed with obstacles! If at first, Star has much in common with Empire (same designer, same universe, the same network), Lee Daniels put the record straight in an interview for V Magazine : “This is the anti-Empire ” . Say whaaat! It shall take the example of the character of Carlotta (Queen Latifah). “If she wears a garment of more than 10 dollars, which in addition does not itch, then it is not good for the series. Her wigs cost less $ 15 and all are exorbitant (…) It is the black woman of today. the black and poor woman of today ” .

Inspired by films like Dreamgirls , The Valley of the Dolls and Female Trouble – which are the three favorite films of Lee Daniels – Star Series does not lead (or main person), although it bears the name of a its protagonists . “When I started writing, I had the idea that Star (Jude Demorest) would be heroin. But in this case, there is no group. There a singer and then there are others, which everyone is laughing. and why there is no group is that they always end up bursting. Usually after two or three years, they will support more. So the goal is that these girls do not arrive there in real life, because they do not even know what to expect next year and I do not want it explodes ” . Therefore, Lee Daniels chose to tell “the story of a group of girls” and therefore “the journey of three girls” .

With Star, Lee Daniels also wants to bring up to date the old rap . “This is what was missing in Empire to me. I tried to impose it, but I associate. J ‘ like defects; for me, the imperfection is perfection I like to see girls who sweat on stage with teeth damaged by cigarettes, which are purposely did not always sing perfectly just, but we know they tell. the truth because it comes from the heart. I think that’s what’s missing in today’s music. Nobody does it ” . Thus, the heroines of the musical series “were so destroyed by their parents that they are creating this fantasy world. You’ve never seen anything like this on television” . Last but not least, Lee Daniels compares Taraji P. Henson (Cookie Lyon, Empire ) and Naomi Campbell, who is part of the cast of Star : “Naomi Campbell is also brilliant, dare I say, Taraji P. Henson” . We take note … The meltynautes, do you wait to discover Star Series?