Star Wars 8: A first teaser soon?

Cinema 9 January, 2017

Would our patience soon be rewarded? It is possible that we will soon discover a first glimpse of Star Wars 8, which could take the form of a teaser!

Ah, it’s good to be a fan of Star Wars right now! It does not happen a month – even a week – without the news of our favorite saga. And the end of the year now appears for a kind of blessed period that allows us to plunge back into his universe every time a new opus comes out. Star Wars: Rogue One is the delight of fans since 14 December and can be counted on to keep us busy for a few short weeks. Then it will be time to look at Star Wars 8 , whose arrival in the dining room is planned for late 2017. Kathleen Kennedy said the studio left room for Star Wars: Rogue One before discussing more seriously Star Wars 8 , which obviously makes sense. But now that the spin-off was installed on our screens, we can hope that Episode VIII soon needed at the front of the stage . Moreover, we may soon have a first look at the film. How can we know? Because Mark Hamill seems more or less to have teased him …
On the Twitter account of Pop Culture Quest , a show youtube created by Mark Hamill in which he goes to meet collectors of pop culture, one can indeed read this little message: ” A first look exclusive #EpisodeVIII coming soon … #PopCultureQuest “. As much to say that this twitt made the Internet completely crazy! And since it was posted on the official account of the youtube show, one can legitimately believe that this is not a hoax and that Mark Hamill, who he still comes good troll fans of Star Wars do not make fun of us. But what this exclusive first look, that would be broadcast during an upcoming episode of Pop Culture Quest , it could be?
At melty, we imagine it might be a little teaser . After all, The Force Wake was unveiled in a first video in November 2014, well before the film’s release in theaters. At that level, Star Wars 8 has lagged, particularly so because of Star Wars: Rogue One . And as this first overview will apparently not on the official channel of distribution studio, it can however not be a true trailer . Especially since, according to what Kathleen Kennedy said, it will be necessary to wait until spring to be entitled to this kind of big announcement. All that remains is to be patient and see if the rumor is confirmed. Keep your eyes open! And in the meantime, we can still cling to the image of Luke and Leia in costume on the set of Star Wars 8 Oscar Isaac was unveiled to honor Carrie Fisher What would you like to see in the first teaser of the film ?