Star Wars 8: Can Carrie Fisher be replaced in the role of Leia?

Cinema 30 December, 2016

This is the question that many fans have been asking since the sad disappearance of Carrie Fisher: what will become of the Princess Leia?
Can one imagine Leïa with the features of another actress than Carrie Fisher? The news has and continues to disrupt and homage to Carrie Fisher continue to arrive from all over the world . The one that made us dream millions of people on the planet left us Tuesday and we still find it hard to realize that we have lost it. We told you about melty, the disappearance of Carrie Fisher should not have any impact on the plot of Star Wars 8 because the actress had finished filming. The film will allow millions of fans to come and say goodbye to their idol and the release of Episode VIII will certainly have a special taste. Regarding the character of Leia in Star Wars Episode IX several options are possible and one of them would be to choose another actress to play the heroine. A good or bad idea?
In our opinion, a bad idea. Leia is a cult character in the Star Wars saga and we imagine anyone but Carrie Fisher to interpret … Choose another actress to fill the void left by the disappearance of Carrie would be unfair for the fans, but Also for that which should ensure the succession. It would be a bit like a betrayal to Carrie Fisher and since she made us dream, we owe her that. Leïa is Carrie Fisher or nobody else! What would you think if Carrie Fisher were replaced?