Star Wars 8: Can important scenes from Leia be deleted?

Cinema 6 January, 2017

Two important scenes of Leia in Star Wars 8 and Star Wars 9 would have leaked on the net. But it is unfortunate that the role of Carrie Fisher is ultimately reduced.
The year 2016 ended with a bitter way for fans of Star Wars with the death of Carrie Fisher . But after the shock, despite our sadness, we have quickly come to ask this crucial question: what will it happen to Leia in Star Wars 8 and above 9 in Star Wars? The filming of the second opus of the trilogy having ended in July, the actress had had time to realize all its scenes. Our Princess Leia is supposed, in addition, have a much more substantial role in Star Wars 8 in The Force Revival . And while Lucasfilm is now looking how to continue the adventure without one of its most iconic characters, two particularly important scenes in which Leia should appear seem to have leaked . According to The Hollywood Reporter, these two sequences would involve Leia and the two other men she loves most in the world, namely her son Ben and her brother Luke. We would indeed be expected to see in the next two episodes Leia find Luke first, after spending so long to find it. The second scene, for her part, could have confronted our princess of the space to Kylo Ren. A meeting full of emotion, Kylo Ren being both his son and the murderer of Han Solo. In short, as you can see, these two sequences would have represented two extremely strong moments for the characters in Star Wars 8 and Star Wars 9 . ” Would have ” yes, because it could be that the role of Leia in the new trilogy is finally reduced …
Also according to The Hollywood Reporter, Colin Trevorrow , the director of Star Wars 9 , have planned to meet Kathleen Kennedy, president of Lucasfilm, to discuss the future of Leia and means to overcome his absence. For it is necessary to make clear that the director had already advanced well in the writing of his script before the death of Carrie Fisher and that there is a good chance that Leia holds an important place in the plot of the third opus . But as it is very risky to replace Carrie Fisher by a CGI character, as demonstrated in the case Tarkin Rogue One , while his death is still fresh in our minds, directors and writers may be tempted to reduce the role Of his character in both opus. So it could be that several scenes of Carrie Fisher are so eventually deleted the final cut . But again, such a decision could raise the anger of the fans. After all, Star Wars 8 is a good way to say goodbye to the actress and Leia and reduce its role might seem like a bad compromise. As you can see, the meltynauts, there is not for the moment a truly viable solution. Colin Trevorrow is scheduled to land next week in Los Angeles to discuss this with Kathleen Kennedy. Perhaps then will we know a little more this time … But whatever happens, it is clear to everyone that Carrie Fisher will not be replaced in the role of Leia in Star Wars 8 and Star Wars 9. What solution would you prefer?