Star Wars 8: Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) deceased, what consequences for the film?

Entertainment 28 December, 2016

Sad news: the actress who incarnated Princess Leia in the Star Wars saga died today. But what consequences for the 8th part of the Jedis?
RIP Carrie! This is what we can now read almost everywhere on the web and how many newspapers will titrate their One of tomorrow. We learned you the last few hours: Carrie Fisher actress known for her role of Princess Leia in Star Wars is dead . While tributes continue to flow around the world, fans of the science fiction saga may not recover for a while. Yes, back in Star Wars – Episode 7: The Force Revival , Carrie Fisher had blissfully happy all addicts fighting lightsaber . Already announced the cast of Episode 8 , his recent death could complicate the work of production. Unless … In this rain of bad news, TMZ has probably dug up information that will relieve many fans of Carrie Fisher.
Yes, the US site would have learned from the lips of a representative of Lucasfilm (the Star Wars films production company) that the scenes of Carrie Fisher “were all turned” regarding Episode 8 . On the other hand, it is impossible at the moment to say whether his death will have any impact on the next films. On the 9th part, which must conclude this third trilogy! And while Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford paid tribute to Carrie Fisher , one suspects that the output component of the 8th scheduled for December 2017 will be a real event. Luckily, Rogue One continues to be a hit in worldwide box office and the memory of Carrie Fisher does not go away any time soon. To recall, the filming of Star Wars 8 officially ended last July. What do you think of Carrie Fisher?