Star Wars 8: Chewbacca wishes you a Merry Christmas … In his way

Cinema 24 December, 2016

Chewbacca, one of Star Wars’ most famous characters, wishes you a Merry Christmas in a hilarious montage.
Tonight is Christmas. And while your whole family is about to spend with you happy holidays, an unexpected character has also wanted to leave his little message. This is Chewbacca, one of the “stars” of the franchise Star Wars . While the first spin-off of the saga, “Rogue One”, has been in theaters since December 14, episode 8 will be released in a year, in December 2017, and a second spin-off on Han Solo is planned for 2018. Besides, discover how Chewbacca will be different in “Han Solo” from the rest of the Star Wars saga . But in the meantime, the most famous hair rebel in the galaxy celebrates Christmas in song …
In a hilarious montage posted on YouTube, Chewbacca “interpreter” as can a famous Christmas song, “Silent Night” ( “Silent Night” in French). The editing is done through a series of sequences with Chewbacca and his famous grunt. The Christmas Carol Chewbacca was born in 1999 but the latest version includes excerpts from Star Wars 7 – The awakening of force . Following on in Star Wars 8, a love story between Kanata and Maz Chewbacca Will it happen? The answer in a year. Meanwhile, Melty’s editorial team joins Chewbacca and wishes you a merry Christmas! What do you think of this “chant” Christmas?