Star Wars 8: Harrison Ford (Han Solo) back?

Cinema 27 January, 2017

Can Disney and Rian Johnson book a big surprise to fans of the Star Wars saga by bringing Han Solo back into the next episode?
Yes, it is a rumor that we have already heard and we would like our dreams to turn into reality! Han Solo is one of the most popular characters of the saga and he left us in Star Wars The Force Wake , killed by his own son. Yes, father-son relationships are not the easiest in this universe. So no, the rumors do not announce a possible resurrection of the character, but a presence in flashbacks for a specific purpose. According Youtubeur Mike Zeroh , mainly for its follow updates on Star Wars , announced that The Last Jedi would be rich in flashback , a process that would help to understand how Kylo Rey Ren was seduced pr the dark side of the force.

Painful memories for Luke, but which would allow us to see again Han Solo and discover Ben when he was still a nice person. It is the director Rian Johnson who was at the origin of this idea, attracted by the idea of ​​playing with space time and staging emblematic characters. We have the answer for the return of Harrison Ford in Star Wars saga in December with the release of Star Wars The Last Jedi! Would you like to see him again in flashbacks?