Star Wars 8: Is Rey the Reincarnation of Darth Vader?

Cinema 2 February, 2017

Darth Vader is dead, long life to Darth Vader! And this is the least we can say, since according to a new theory, he would relive through Rey.
Ah, we heard rumors about the origins of Rey . His mysterious family never ceases to fascinate the crowds. For a long time, it was thought that it was Han Solo and Princess Leia. Then Luke Skywalker, or Jyn Erso of Rogue One . Theories never end! The latest? According ScreenRant , Rey is in fact the reincarnation of Darth Vader, disappeared in Return of the Jedi . Yes, you heard right. But the idea is not that far-fetched. In a video, they listed several reasons why Rey could be the reincarnation of Darth Vader and they are pretty good. First, as Anakin Skywalker, Rey showed that she had the ability to go into the past and the future through visions, especially when she touched Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber. And like him, she likes to pick up piles of garbage for tinkering, is very gifted in mechanics and is a real driver. One only has to see the loopings she does with the Millennium Falcon! But above all, the Force is very strong in it. While it took several years to Anakin and Luke to master, Rey arrives in a few weeks to manipulate the minds , bringing objects and fight better than anyone.
Further evidence that Rey might be the reincarnation of Darth Vader: in Star Wars 7: The Force Alarm , Maz Kanata told Rey that the lightsaber to Luke Skywalker “call” . But when you think about it, the light saber that Rey touches and wants to give back to Luke is not actually his, but his father’s, before he became Darth Vader. The lightsaber would therefore call Rey and not Luke Skywalker. Finally, remember the prophecy of the Chosen . Anakin is supposed to be the one who will destroy the Sith and restore balance in the Force. But the fact is that he passes on the dark side and kills almost all the Jedi in passing. According ScreenRant , being the reincarnation of Darth Vader, the Force would be Rey second chance to fulfill this prophecy. And suddenly, one might wonder if Darth Vader would not be The Last Jedi through Rey ? And you what do you think ?