Star Wars 8: Kathleen Kennedy “We give space to Rogue One before we talk about episode 8”

Cinema 27 December, 2016

While Rogue One films at the movies, Kennedy has spoken about Star Wars 8. No question for her to give information at the moment.
Wait for info on the next Star Wars? Kathleen Kennedy, great patron of Lucasfilm, stop you right away: it will be several months before you see only one image of the episode 8. And because Star Wars Rogue One is currently showing and s ‘Reveals a true financial carton. A huge pleasure for fans of the universe created by George Lucas that can wait with this unique episode that sheds light on the events unfolding before A New Hope . For the producer, you have to let breathe Rogue One and does not interfere the with information about Star Wars 8 wherein Rey will face an awesome enemy . The latter is also adamant after the interview by MoviePilot “It leaves space for Rogue One before talking about episode 8!”
The latter also added “We’ll have to approach the spring to start talking about episode 8” . Fortunately, fans of Star Wars are patient since the release of the film is scheduled for a little before Christmas 2017! The Star Wars Celebration , held in Florida at the time announced by Kathleen Kennedy , probably will unveil around Star Wars 8 wherein a change for Snoke would be expected . As a reminder, this next album will be directed by Rian Johnson. The filmmaker is best known for Looper with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis sci-fi film very dark atmosphere. A big change for artistic Star Wars 8 therefore. What do you think of this decision?