Star Wars 8: Laura Dern “The film will continue to showcase her heroines”

Cinema 18 January, 2017

The waiting time before the long awaited release of Star Wars Episode VIII seems endless, but fortunately, we catch some info from time to time!
The saga Star Wars takes his heroines! After Padmé Amidala, Princess / General Leïa we discovered Rey and more recently, Jyn Erso in Star Wars Rogue One A Story . Women who do not have easy life but who refuse to let themselves be defeated and do not hesitate to put themselves in danger for justice to be done. While the director Rian Johnson announced there is little that Star Wars 8 resume exactly at the end of the Force Alarm to not miss the golf Rey, new information proves that the heroines of the saga will once again put In the next installment. This is the actress Laura Dern , seen especially in Our Stars Opposites or Jurassic Park , who confirmed the information.
The latter told the website Bustle: “They have made it their mission to promote strong heroines and it’s very exciting” . She continues: “Since the beginning strong women, intelligent and powerful are put forward, just the opposite of what is happening on Earth, so I think Star Wars Episode VII will continue to showcase his heroines” . We do not yet know what role Laura Dern will play in Star Wars 8 , but one thing is certain: we can not wait to find out!