Star Wars 8: Luke Skywalker or Rey, who is the Last Jedi?

Cinema 24 January, 2017

And now we know that Star Wars 8 will be called The Last Jedi. As a result, one wonders: to whom does the title refer? To Luke Skywalker or Rey?
That’s it ! After months of waiting, assumptions, false rumors and announcements, it is FINALLY there! The official title of Star Wars 8 was unveiled and – Oh My God – it is also surprising and mysterious qu’excitant. So the film is now called ” The Last Jedi ” in the original and it makes us already completely crazy. Because inevitably, as we did for The Force Wake , one wonders about its meaning, then, immediately, we frankly do not seem very optimistic his side a little final. But before we jump to conclusions and ask if any of our characters will die tragically, we can already ask to whom the title refers . And there are two obvious solutions that literally jump out of our eyes. The last Jedi in Episode VIII might as well be Luke Skywalker , who, after defeating the Emperor, attempted to reform the Jedi Order, Rey , the newcomer is able to master the Force by Instinct without having (a priori) never received teaching. So which of these two characters is most likely to be concerned by this title? The editing of melty makes the predictions!
From the simplest and most obvious way, ” The Last Jedi ” could refer to Luke, which remains one of the characters of Star Wars the most popular even today. And this for several reasons. Already, simply because it is literally THE last existing Jedi in the galaxy . With consecutive disappearance of Obi-Wan and Yoda, Luke is the only master the Force like the old Jedi, even though the title has not been awarded – the Council no longer exists ( duh …) – and even if it has not received a complete training. But he is indeed a Jedi, who even took disciples before Ben Solo turned the dark side and killed everyone. And then there is another proof, less obvious one, which leads us to believe that the character Luke is concerned by the title of Star Wars 8 . And this proof is a little phrase … scrolling text of the Force Alarm , which refers to our hero by calling it a ” last Jedi .” So we would think that Star Wars 8 , which should focus much on Luke and the reasons for his exile also means we reveal what it means to be the last Jedi and responsibilities that entails . Except that in fact, there is another contender for the title of Jedi and it is obviously Rey.
Because we all understand that the relationship between Rey and Luke Skywalker would be the heart of Star Wars 8 and that our young heroine just arrived on Ach-To will follow the teachings of the Jedi. The original English title finally being rather vague, you might think that this is actually Rey who is directly affected . However, the hypothesis is somewhat problematic. On the one hand, Rey is not a Jedi. She may become one, yes, but for the moment she (probably) only discovered the Force. And there’s little chance she’ll become a Jedi in two hours. On the other hand, one can imagine that Luke, who does not grow younger, gradually disappears behind his apprentice to leave him the place and to entrust to him the responsibility of perpetuating the tradition of the Jedi. It is also a possibility (we prefer not mention the death of Luke, because after the Han, it’s just too much … ). Especially since, as we have often said, the new trilogy is supposed to tell the story of a new generation and see Rey endorsing the role of the last Jedi would rather go in this direction.
But there is also a third possibility: that Luke and Rey are the famous “last Jedi” . The title may indeed be read in the plural, ultimately, and could therefore also mention the Jedi and his apprentice. They are after all two now and, on condition that Rey does not turn against Luke, as many think she will, the duo could very well revive the Jedi tradition. The film would focus on Rey’s training, on the one hand, but also on the resistance of the two Jedi against the dark side, Snoke and the First Order. And in this case, the words “last Jedi” would not imply the programmed end of an order, as one might think, but would actually be content to characterize the place of the two characters in the galaxy. Anyway, the title of Star Wars 8 raises many questions and new hypotheses! Who do you think the title is referring to?