Star Wars 8: Mark Hamill (Luke) and Carrie Fisher (Leia) in costume on an image of the shoot

Cinema 30 December, 2016

In order to pay tribute to Carrie Fisher, Oscar Isaac posted an image of the filming of Star Wars 8 where it is found alongside Mark Hamill. And both are in costume!
This end of the year was announced pretty cool for fans of Star Wars with the release of Rogue One , the successful spin-off of Gareth Edwards. But a sad news has come to tarnish this beautiful enthusiasm. The brutal death of Carrie Fisher has left more than one in shock, many fans having grown up with the indomitable character of Leia. The players – old and new – from Star Wars, Mark Hamill as Harrison Ford, have wished to pay tribute to immediately Carrie Fisher , often by posting pictures of the actress. It is now the turn of Oscar Isaac, who lends his features to the pilot Poe Dameron in the new trilogy, to participate in these testimonies of respect and affection by unveiling a new image, that melty shares you here. But this one is a little different, and for good reason. Not only it was taken on the set of Star Wars 8 , for which Carrie Fisher filmed all his scenes before his accident, and she directed the actress alongside Mark Hamill, but in addition, it shows us all both in their costumes Leia and Luke Skywalker .
The two players being seated, it is obviously difficult to get a real idea of ​​their respective outfits. Nevertheless, it seems that Leia is donned by the same kind of dress in which she was seen wearing at the end of the Alarm Force . Or at least she seems to wear the same jewelry and the same hairstyle. As for Luke, there is no doubt that he slipped here in the traditional brown Jedi outfit, but without the long beige cape he had when he met Rey. This is the first time, in any case, we see two characters of Star Wars 8 photo, in their costume. The fact that Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher pose in the clothes of their characters he means that Luke and Leia will finally end up in the events of the film? We really want to believe it. For Leia is supposed to have a much more substantial role in Star Wars 8 , and Luke, meanwhile, should also be enormously far. And as we know that Leia is desperate to find her brother, it is hoped that the two characters have the opportunity to cross . These reunions, if they take place, will undoubtedly be moving, and this in more ways than one. Above all, we hope that Princess Leia will have a significant impact on the plot of Star Wars 8, if only to see that shine one last time Carrie Fisher in that role iconic ! What do you think of this picture?