Star Wars 8: No teaser before April?

Cinema 4 February, 2017

If you were hoping to see a Star Wars 8 teaser in the next few weeks, you’ll be disappointed! No video of the film or its backstage should be released until spring.
It is a fact – and you will surely agree with us – the fan of Star Wars has never enough! There is a little over a week, was discovered with mad excitement of the title of Star Wars 8 . The Last Jedi , that’s a name that slap and especially raises questions of sacred! Only then, the first theories on what could mean such a title having already been amply discussed, we find ourselves a little orphan. And suddenly one hopes that this last big announcement will be followed by an even more important event. As the diffusion of a first teaser, for example . Some well counted on the imminent arrival of the Super Bowl – major sporting event where the trailers of upcoming blockbusters invite themselves in number – to finally get a glimpse of Star Wars 8 . Finally, it is rather Marvel who should monopolize the attention, side Disney. Others hoped to see a teaser of the film at the room in the launch of Beauty and the Beast in March. Except that in fact, we will obviously have to show a little more patients.
Because when Kathleen Kennedy said the studios preferred to leave room in Star Wars: Rogue One before talking about Star Wars 8 , she was not exaggerating! Because yes, as we suspected a little, the next adventures Rey and Finn would count reveal that during a special event, all fans of the saga are waiting with beating heart, namely the Star Wars Celebration . The site Star Wars News Net would indeed have obtained information from one of its sources, which would have confirmed that no trailer will be released until the month of April 2017, traditionally associated with this kind of ad. Or that, at least, all the rumors circulating on this subject and proclaiming that a first video of the film would be unveiled soon are wrong all along the line. But the worst is that Star Wars News Net suggests that what will be shown at the Star Wars Celebration will not really be a teaser for Star Wars 8 but a behind the scenes video . Which, we agree, will certainly be exciting … while leaving us on our hunger. The event takes place in Florida from April 13 to 16, so we will have to wait several more months. The latest iteration of Star Wars Celebration has been criticized for its lack of content on upcoming movies of the saga, we can still hope to have more information on crispy Star Wars 8 and the spin-off to come. As always, it will be necessary to cross your fingers and take his trouble in patience! What would you like to see in the first teaser of the film?