Star Wars 8, Oscars 2017, Fifty Shades Darker … The Top Movie of the month of January!

Cinema 31 January, 2017

This month of January was rich in news with Star Wars 8, nominations of the Oscars 2017 or even Fifty Shades Darker. We take stock!
Like every month, the news and other rumors that make the cinema have been numerous. Between the revelation of the title of Star Wars 8 , the list of nominees at the Oscars and information raining down around Fifty Shades Darker , netizens have been rather spoiled. This is why melty decided to make you as always a little summary in case you missed a news item this month . Of course, it was necessary to make a choice and only the three most important information were selected to appear here. Important information that will help you for example know everything about Fifty Shades Darker, including Dakota Johnson described his character Anastasia as a badass , even if you missed an episode.
A news item that may seem anecdotal but yet many franchise fans waited: the name of Star Wars 8 was unveiled. Entitled The Last Jedi , this title allows you to get an idea of the plot of this episode and caused much speculation on the web. Who can be the last jedi between Kylo Ren, Rey and Luke Skywalker? The man he will bow out in this episode (as his friend Han Solo in The Force Revival) and thus make Rey real last jedi ? The questions are many and will be answered at the exit of Star Wars 8, Laura Dern described as “a film that will continue to develop its heroines” . The best hypothesis is that The Last Jedi to want to pass as a weapon, a kind of inheritance between generations, as well as episode 7.
As every year will be the Oscars, more prestigious ceremony rewarding the best films of the year. And this year, big surprise since LaLaLand Damien Chazelle with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone roundup all appointments with 14 on the clock ! A true record justified by a film that attracts spectators and pleases the academy for its tribute to the musical comedy. Star Wars Rogue One could regard him to be rewarded in the category of best visual effects while My Life Courgette , French animated film, could also win a prize! Despite this, netizens were quick to signify the absence of Deadpool (while Suicide Squad is named) or that of actress Amy Adams, yet at the top with First Contact and Nocturnal Animals .
The month was rather rich for torque Anastasia and Christian Grey Fifty Shades Darker . To begin, the theme of the film interpreted by Zayn and Taylor Swift was unveiled and is available in listening above. Not to mention that in the midst of many TV spot, the next adventure of the torrid couple was prohibited at least 18 years in Canada justifies this choice by “several scenes of nudity, exposure of the breasts, buttocks and pubic area in sexual and non-sexual contexts. approximately 28 lines of vulgar or sexual dialogue, 4 scenes with sex and violent scenes with 3 physical assault and weapons ” . As much as to say that it is doubtful that the wealthy businessman and the young graduate in literature have settled down with time.