Star Wars 8: Stormtroopers unveil their secrets

Cinema 5 January, 2017

The Stormtroopers never really impressed us with their lines of dialogue, but without them, the Star Wars saga would not be the same!
What would the franchise Star Wars without Stormtroopers? We ask you! These soldiers of the Empire are far from being warm people with whom we would like to go on holiday in the sun (they would certainly be too hot for the poor), but when we see them appearing on the screen, we no doubt: we are well into a movie Star Wars . While we dévoilions few days ago the secret Leia in the Star Wars saga , we said we would also give them their moment of glory. After all, they do a “job” dangerous since no less than 30.984 stormtroopers died in the explosion of the Death Star . Yes, although the latter are soldiers extremely trained in different kinds of fighting, resisting an explosion remains difficult.
You know, stormtroopers are not easy enemies and they are able to resist extreme situations, even if they are not all qualified for the same missions. While a certain elite is in charge of protecting the emperor (at least in the first trilogy), others are trained especially to evolve in an icy atmosphere and / or in snow like Snowtroopers. We also have the Magmatroopers who can survive on extremely hot planets or Spacetroopers who are able to survive in space for an indefinite time.
Finally, even if the stormtroopers are inspired soldiers of the Third Reich , they have a cool little side since they allow the players to realize their dreams. Yes, that never dreamed of playing in Star Wars without having a decisive role? Yes, we would be satisfied to be the green plant at the bottom left of a cave if we proposed it, but the best still is to be a stormtrooper! Actors like Daniel Craig in The Wake of The Force , have slipped under the white armor and without anyone noticing, played in Star Wars . If you want to be unbeatable on the saga Star Wars, discover all the secrets of the Death Star !