Star Wars 8, The Last Jedi: Which actor to play R2-D2?

The identity of the new actor that will give life to R2-D2 has just been formalized and the latter will have a heavy responsibility.
You thought R2-D2 was a “simple” droid made of steel and small noises? Well, think again! R2-D2, for all fans of the Star Wars saga , it’s more than that. R2-D2 is an extension of Luke Skywalker, an emblematic and adored character of the saga and most importantly, it is VIVANT! Good ok, not live alive, but unlike BB-8 it is well and truly interpreted by an actor who hides inside his carapace. During 6 Star Wars movies it was actor Kenny Baker who slipped inside Luke’s best ally, but the latter unfortunately left us last summer, not without taking the time to reveal his secrets to his notes that officially has been announced
It is he who will bring life to the Droid in Star Wars 8 The Last Jedi , a film in which R2-D2 will gradually return to life after his trauma, Jimmy Vee said: “It was a pleasure to work alongside Legendary Kenny Baker, who was a fantastic actor and taught me all the secrets that gave him life to R2-D2, a mission that I will take again to pay tribute to. The Star Wars universe and I can not wait for everyone to see what we’ve been working on for the past year . ” While waiting to discover it at work, we propose you to discover which characters could be in the first teaser of Star Wars The Last Jedi !

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