Star Wars 8: The Last Jedi, why is the title Red?

Cinema 23 January, 2017

After the euphoria of revelation, questions arise: why did the Disney studios choose to use the red color for the title to the detriment of the usual yellow color?
Are we all going to pass the dark side of the Force? The title of Star Wars Episode 8 has just been unveiled by Disney and this new chapter is called The Last Jedi (The Last Jedi VO). Outside of this vital information, we could not help but notice another very important because unusual detail: the title of this new component was written in red, never seen! Yes, all titles shutters Star Wars wear the yellow color and the new color is not without connotations in the saga. So what message is behind this choice? Several theories are available to us! The first is certainly the most obvious: the red color could presage a dark destiny for Luke Skywalker which for us is the last Jedi.
The latter was conspicuously absent in The Force Wake but we know it will be very important in the film directed by Rian Johnson . Can Luke Skywalker, after so many years of struggle, pass the dark side of the Force? This is difficult to envisage, but everything is possible. Alternatively, this red color associated with the title The Last Jedi could simply say that Luke Skywalker experience a tragic fate in this new component. By fighting Kylo Ren and his allies, Luke could find death and with him would disappear the last Jedi.
Could this new color also announce a darker aspect than the previous one? Yes, red is the color of the Sith, the sworn enemies of the Jedi and this choice of graphic charter could indicate the seizure of power of the First Order. Will the resistance suffer even more than usual? Last but not least , and if Kylo Ren became the last Jedi in Star Wars 8 ? He is not yet a Sith, but he is not a Jedi either. We saw combat in The Force Alarm against that Luke and his parents had taught him and Kylo could choose to rebel against the Supreme Leader … the red is usually synonymous with evil in Star Wars could Then take on another meaning! What are your theories around the red color of the title?