Star Wars 8: The relationship of Luke and Rey in the heart of the film

Cinema 10 January, 2017

In an interview, director Rian Johnson kindly gave some clues as to the continuation of the plot between Rey and Luke Skywalker. And it promises!

Many rumors circulate around the plot of Star Wars 8, but we will have to wait a little longer before discovering which are true and which ones are false. Say, at least until April, which will be released the first trailer , giving us an idea of the direction of the film, and for some, until his release in December. But meanwhile, the director Rian Johnson wants to give us some information, including the relationship between Luke and Rey. At the end of Star Wars 7 , Rey found it on the planet hidden AHCH-To, and the film ends with Rey, tending to Luke his lightsaber. And it is on this same scene that will open Star Wars 8, according to the recent remarks of Rian Johnson. For him, it was important to show the rise of Rey, including his training with Luke Skywalker , before anything else. It is even a very important dimension for the future of events. “I do not want to jump two years. I want to see what happens next. The part where Rey realizes she has the power and the gift ” , has he thus told USA Today.
“She made the first move, she accepts what is in it and it is just beginning to reveal its potential” , has he then justified. Rian Johnson then added that much of the film would therefore focus on the relationship between Luke Skywalker and Rey, with a small part training as many had speculated. But not only. The director also added that another large part of the film will address “why Luke has spent many years in exile on AHCH-To, and then it will” . That is promising! Perhaps we shall have a piece of response during first teaser, Mark Hamill promised soon? There’s nothing to do but cross the fingers the meltynauts! And you what do you think ?