Star Wars 8: What could the title mean for the Jedi and the dark side of the Force?

Cinema 24 January, 2017

If Luke is the last Jedi mentioned by the title of Star Wars 8, what consequences could this have on the future of the Jedi order and on the dark side of the Force?
With its new official title, ” The Last Jedi ” Star Wars 8 has been put at the center of our attention. It must be said that with such a name, there is enough to provoke discussions! Already because one wonders who it is here. De Luke Skywalker? De Rey? Or of Kylo Ren itself, which could also be the famous Star Wars Jedi last 8 ? Or perhaps – and this is a hypothesis that has not yet been considered – could it be someone else completely different? Well, it’s true, this last idea is pretty unlikely. However, the title ” Last Jedi ” raises another question, which itself is related to the Force. Because it could very well also … indicate the scheduled end of the Jedi order and education. In which case, yes, the title would refer to Luke (which seems to us to be the most probable hypothesis). But in this case, does that mean that, despite the former defeat of the Emperor and despite all the efforts of our hero, the Jedi are doomed to disappear ? The finding would be bitter, that’s for sure , but not necessarily catastrophic. If this is what the title implies, then what impact could this disappearance have on the galaxy but also, and especially, on the characters and intrigue of the new trilogy?
At first glance, the irremediable end of the Jedi order could seem like a real catastrophe. After all, they have watched over the galaxy for thousands of years and dispensed their wisdom through space and time. So yes, the idea of ​​seeing them sink into oblivion again – and this time definitely – makes us a little panic! Except that in fact, if you think about it, the Jedi have not really helped the Galaxy and its inhabitants recently . They did not foresee or prevent the revolt of the Separatists, nor did they perceive the threat represented by Palpatine when he began to maneuver to overthrow the Republic. Despite their powers and sensitivity to the Force and despite their mythical dimension, the Jedi could not therefore oppose the plans of the Sith Lords. As for Luke, we admire his courage and determination, of course, but we forget a little easier than it is not him who defeated the Emperor in Return of the Jedi . Besides, our hero would have died if Darth Vader had not, in a final burst, reject the dark side of the Force to help him . So finally, the Jedi proved that they could no longer preserve peace in the galaxy, nor balance in the Force. Especially if only Luke remains and he can not train other Padawan, the future of the Jedi is rather badly engaged!
But the same can be said about the dark side and its followers. The Emperor was able to keep power for about thirty years before being overthrown, and it can be imagined that Snoke-or at least we hope so-will follow the same path. It is therefore necessary to face the facts: whether one side or the other, not to favor one pathway in the Force, in the long run, it does not work . And this is where the title of Star Wars 8 could make sense. If it is assumed that he is referring to Luke, then yes, the Jedi may be doomed to disappear entirely, Rey will follow their teachings to the end or not, Kylo Ren decides to abandon the dark side or no. This does not mean that there will be no more Force users! For, what prevents us after all to imagine that those two would be able to give birth … to a new order, which would combine the two sides of the Force ?
There is much talk about the fact that Kylo Ren is still attracted to the luminous side of the Force and that Rey, according to several theories, could ultimately succumb to the dark side. It is quite obvious that the characters remain ambivalent. Kylo Ren followed the teachings of Luke and he could redeem himself before the end of the trilogy. As for Rey, she has been abandoned as a child, and nothing tells us that she has not retained some form of bitterness and resentment. Not to mention that, having not been trained since her youngest age, she is certainly capable of the best as well as the worst. But as Melty’s copy tells you above, only following the path of the luminous side or only that of the dark side seems to lead to failure. So why could not these two characters simply kiss and use both sides of the Force, one counterbalancing the other. And finding – well! – The real balance to the Force .
Sure, Star Wars has always had a rather Manichean discourse, but the new trilogy should also correspond to our time. And come to mix with two characters at the bright side and the dark side, what is done after all human nature, might appear as a fine conclusion . Obviously, all this remains only conjecture and hypothesis, such a turnaround could take place at the very end of the trilogy, is in Star Wars 9 . But the title ” The Last Jedi ” challenges us enough for that examines the question! As always, therefore, it was not until the release of Star Wars 8 whether Luke is the last Jedi and what that might then involve Rey and the other characters of the saga! Do you think the Jedi are doomed to disappear?