Star Wars 8: What if Kylo Ren was the last Jedi?

Cinema 24 January, 2017

Who is the last Jedi Star Wars 8? We obviously immediately thought of Luke and / or Rey. But we forgot a third possible suitor, namely Kylo Ren …
Well, we finally know the official title of Star Wars 8 . And inevitably, it gives us indications on the plot of the film and on the fate of the characters … provided you can read them, these famous indications! So where’s interest to make some assumptions about what ” last Jedi ” and its identity. And it did not take us long to imagine that Luke Skywalker and Rey could well be affected by Title Star Wars 8 and they could both claim to be the last Jedi. Except, as we still talking about Star Wars , nothing is ever simple, is not immune to a turnaround. Because there are other protagonists of the new trilogy that could just as well be targeted by this title. Finally, a protagonist, more precisely. The editorial ‘of melty obviously wants to talk about … Kylo Ren (Adam Driver), aka Ben Solo, the other major character in the new trilogy . After all, has not JJ Abrams confirmed that the latter tells the story both from the luminous side of the Force and from its dark side? So, yes, Kylo Ren may well surprise us to be the last Jedi.
Of course, at first glance, such a hypothesis may surprise. But do not forget that before putting the Snoke Service, Ben Solo followed the teachings of Luke and he planned to become a Jedi . His ambition, his emotional instability, the stature of his parents too, who knows, have finally put him off this path. And it fell under Snoke, who then succeeded in attracting him to the dark side. But on the one hand, it is unclear under what circumstances Ben succumbed to the influence of Snoke. And, okay, he massacred Luke disciples (and it is clearly evil ), but it showed throughout the Force Wake he still felt very conflicted feelings. On the one hand, he wants to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather and stay on the dark side. On the other, he still feels the call of the light and even comes to kill his father in hopes of repelling the temptation to board the good side of the Force. All that to say that it is not immune to a change in the character, especially that Kylo Ren might (or might not) be redeemed by Leia in Star Wars 8 . It should be pointed out, however, that such a change, if it should occur, should be caused by a violent trauma – physical or moral – and that it could only take place at the end. But it is possible, Adam Driver himself has teased a radical change for his character.
But even if Kylo abandoned the dark side, why would he be the last Jedi? Is not Luke and Rey already one, a confirmed Jedi, the other certainly going to become one? Yes, but there is also the theory that circulates in which Rey would eventually succumb to the dark side, becoming the enemy of Luke (if that is true, we pity the poor Jedi), while Kylo him, so would the side luminous. And if we assume that Luke may disappear during Star Wars 8 , then yes, Kylo Ren, once more Ben Solo, could represent the last Jedi in the galaxy. Or at least the last one to have followed the teachings of a Jedi Master. So it’s true, that’s a lot of ” if ” we grant you. But again, we do not have much clues about the general intrigue of the next two episodes and all the theories on it remain valid for the time being. Besides one can also imagine that the English title ” The Last Jedi ” can finally refer to three characters – always provided, of course, that Kylo Ren abandoned the dark side. Anyway, as it is expected that Star Wars 8 adopts a tone darker and more mature than The Force Alarm , there is no doubt that Ben will have to face its share of Difficult tests. And these could well force it to change course … Do you think Kylo Ren to be the last Jedi?