Star Wars 8: What you may not know about Leia

Cinema 3 January, 2017

Leia, played by Carrie Fisher, is a cult figure from the Star Wars saga, but it almost got very different. Would you have loved her so much?

Leia is a character who needs no introduction, even to those who do not consider themselves fans of the saga Star Wars . While we have lost last week the actress Carrie Fisher , who lent his features, we are relieved to know that Princess / General until a few hours before her. Yes, we find in Star Wars 8 whose output is planned for the end of year 2017. The more the fans know definitely by heart, but Leia went through several versions before finally becoming one that has landed in the first film Star Wars in 1977. George Lucas spent a lot of time to decide what kind of woman would be Leia and a first version, a real Princess Leia was quite spoiled, member of the royal family, with a brother Named Biggs. The latter then disappeared from the screenplay and finally returned to the role of a childhood friend of Luke.
In another proposed version Leia was a leader of the hardline military force and the look of the character was so much stricter, an appearance that most fans have seen in the animated series Rebels . Once the version of Leïa that we know chosen, the character still knew some changes, especially on how his saviors would get to know him. Yes, the Princess was to be found unconscious in his cell and transported to freedom by Luke and Han and chewbie … But Carrie Fisher was not really excited to be transported on the shoulder of Chewbacca! Because we like to reveal all the secrets of the saga, discover what you may not know about The Star of Death in Star Wars !