Star Wars 8: Why destroy “The Last Jedi” is a good idea?

Cinema 2 February, 2017

And if destroying “The Last Jedi” was a good idea? Multiple assumptions around this disappearance surround Star Wars 8.
Star Wars 8, which will be one of science fiction films in the spotlight in 2017 with Covenant Alien and Blade Runner in 2049 , has finally unveiled its title: The Last Jedi . Since then, many fans believe that “destroy the last Jedi” is a good idea metaphorically speaking. For the main criticisms about the Force Wake finger pointing homage side too supported a J..J Abrams wanting to do something new with the old . Rian Johnson, director ambitious, would do well to replace Luke Skywalker, has – probably – the title of Last Jedi , by the new generation embodied by Daisy Ridley. The story keeps repeating itself, Kylo Ren could put an end to Luke’s life just as Dark Vader put an end to Obi-Wan Kenobi’s. You’ll understand: there is a good chance that no one is immune in Star Wars 8 .
The death of Han Solo was a terrible shock to the fans of the intergalactic saga but that of Luke Skywalker would mark an even more enormous blow. All episodes require the scene that begat the anger of spectators and it could be a clash between Kylo Ren and Luke Skywalker . Despite its legendary status, the man is obviously not immune to the death in Star Wars 8 (in which Harrison Ford could make a new appearance) . You’ll understand: by destroying the last Jedi , Rian Johnson could offer a new approach to the saga. A little less homage and more concentrated on her new heroes, much younger. A weapon pass that many are waiting for. Do you think that the last Jedi must be destroyed?