Star Wars 8: Why Luke Skywalker is so popular according to Mark Hamill

Cinema 17 January, 2017

Star Wars is a saga where virtually all characters have become emblematic including Luke Skywalker. Mark Hamill has an idea about why.
If you are fans of Star Wars , you necessarily have a favorite character … The iconic saga has given birth to many passions and the good news is that she is back in theaters for new original adventures . When Star Wars The Force Wake was announced, we knew that Luke Skywalker would be back, but we did not know the importance of its role. We were slightly frustrated when it appeared that in the last seconds of the movie, but luckily, it should have a greater importance in Star Wars 8 announced for the end of the year and a first outline should soon be unveiled .
But why so many fans are they addicted to Luke Skywalker from his first steps in the saga Star Wars ? Here’s what Mark Hamill said: “I was not doing 1m 80s, I did not have an athletic physical (…) I was a bit of a geek without exceptional abilities I think I was reassuring.. … Now the young people are perhaps more fans of Han Solo who has swagg, who is rebellious, a bit of the pirate kind .. Leïa is a princess and Dark Vador is scary. Of all the characters, Luke is the most available to fans, they could hang out with him without being too impressed ” . Yes, Luke is an ordinary hero, the kind of character that fans love! Who is your favorite character in Star Wars?