Star Wars 9: The film will pay tribute to Carrie Fisher (Leia)

Cinema 12 July, 2017

According to Colin Trevorrow, Leia (Carrie Fisher) should have had a major role in Star Wars 9. Also the film will pay tribute to the actress and her mythical character.

For all fans of Star Wars, The Last Jedi is going to have a special flavor. This is indeed the latest film of the franchise in which the late Carrie Fisher, Leia not to be part of Star Wars 9. And if it should play a more important role in Episode VIII, It occupies a major place in its suite, realized by Colin Trevorrow. It was the director himself who revealed this information in an interview with The Irish Examiner, where he confided in the difficulty of dealing with the disappearance of the actress. “[Carrie Fisher] had a major role in the film and we first had to manage the emotion that caused her disappearance,” he says. And then it was necessary to find a solution to palliate the absence of Leia in Star Wars 9. But do not worry, the meltynauts, Colin Trevorrow promises us, the film will pay tribute both to the actress and his character.

He goes on to say, “Then we had to handle this in a practical way, using a form of narration that could pay homage to him and preserve his soul. But it is true, unfortunately, that we can only endure And we’re going to find a solution for the logistics part, but it was very important for the whole Star Wars family, and that’s the hardest part of it. ” As you can see, Colin Trevorrow, for whom making the movie Star Wars 9 is a kind of sacrifice, hopes to honor the character of Leia as it should be. It is not yet known how the film will pay homage to him, nor how he will explain his absence. But as Leia and Carrie Fisher have always been very important to the Star Wars community, we can imagine that the director, his scriptwriters and the studios are doing everything in their power to offer him an end and a last tribute worthy of being ” they.