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Entertainment 13 December, 2017

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Star Wars The awakening of the Force revealed Daisy Ridley to the general public two years ago. The young British 25-year-old returns this week in the new episode of the saga, the last of The Jedi. In two years, and despite the success, the young actress has not changed. She confides in Gala.

Gala : Are you happy to be back in this new part of Star Wars ?

Daisy Ridley : I’m especially relieved to prove that I can be a much better actress than I was in the first film. (laughter) I don’t have much liked to see my performance in The wake of the Force because I found that I was doing a little too much, that I was much too dramatic.

Gala : Have you been marked by the death of Carrie Fisher ?

D. R. : His disappearance has me so upset. I had never met a person who gave so freely about his personal problems. It represented for me a real source of inspiration. His simplicity and his generosity, I was really put at ease from our first meeting. She gave me valuable advice. Almost a year later, I am now still in shock.

Gala : speaking of advice, are you surrounded since you are a international star ?

D. R. : I have the luck of having parents who always helped me. Just as they have supported my sisters. At home, the saying was : “I’ll always be there for you ! “(she smiles) We are a family that is extremely cohesive. My sisters are the people I love most in the world. My parents taught us to always prioritize friends and family more than any other thing. And also to take time for yourself.

Gala : by the way, do you have the time to take care of you ?

D. R. : I regret not being able to blow a little more or take advantage of my home in London. I live in an apartment that is completely empty because I’m constantly travelling because of my work. Since last march I have not had the opportunity to enjoy them and it is a pity, but it certainly comes from my education and from my parents who instilled the value of hard work. My mother is always part to work in the morning, just like my father and now my sisters, one of which launches today in energy healing.

Gala : Star Wars has become a true commercial machine with all of its derivatives. Have you been able to keep some memories of filming ?

D. R. : When you Wake up the Strength, I’m a little ashamed to tell you this, but I was absolutely not a collector of Star Wars. I had no object in the house. After the filming of the Last Jedi, I brought back with me the light saber and I want a lot. I had it placed on a shelf but, following the advice of several friends, I finally placed safely to avoid me fly it. I also received a small toy in the likeness of Chewbacca that was given to me by a member of the production and that I keep preciously in my room.

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Gala : How do you protect your privacy since you beings become famous ?

D. R. : I don’t have the impression that people wish much me to take a picture. I am lucky because I have rather the feeling that they want to leave me alone. I acknowledge, however, that it is a little weird when the fans take me a picture in the street. I would prefer to discuss with them because I find it more important to engage with a person rather than to see my face posted on the social networks. I don’t understand why people need to demonstrate that they have met famous people.

Gala : What is your secret to success do you not go to the head ?

D. R. : My family helps me to keep feet on the ground. But this is not difficult because I have the chance to meet people always nice to me, well-intentioned. The fact of not being on social networks also allows me to have some peace of mind. The success allows me in fact to be even more aware that it is important to spend time at home with the family.

Gala : Star Wars is Science fiction, but how do you foresee the future ?

D. R. : I am very pessimistic about the future. And most of all very cynical. For me, in 2050, we will live under water or in space. When I look at the world in which we live today, I prefer not to plan any big project in my life. I do not see myself not even to tomorrow. (she laughs) In regards to my career, I see myself moving more towards the production. My mother never ceases to tell me that I always want to order and that I should instead get behind the camera (she laughs).

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