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Entertainment 13 December, 2017

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For the release of Star Wars : the last Jedi, Mark Hamill made his big return to Hollywood. The unforgettable Luke Skywalker confides in Gala.

Gala : what is it that fascinates you the most in the return of Star Wars in the cinema?

Mark Hamill : no doubt the universal feeling related to Star Wars, and shared around the world, regardless of the generation. I am absolutely stunned to see that now the fans of the series take their children, or their grandchildren…

Gala : Since the acquisition of Star Wars by Disney studios, some find that it has become a brand too commercial. What do you think?

M. H. : I find it logical that Disney has bought Star Wars. When I read the script for the first time, I immediately understood that it was not a science-fiction film like the others. It reminded me, in fact, The Wizard of Oz. Like Dorothy, Luke lives on this planet where nothing happens and ends up in beautiful adventures with all of these fantastic creatures. In Star Wars, there is also the magician, the pirate, the princess… If all the characters were moving on a horse, Star Wars would be for all the world’s a fairy tale.

Gala : Are you surprised by this craze intact for 40 years ?

M. H. : I have to admit that I was not expecting to still find the excitement in the fans the most dedicated. What surprises me most of all, it is to see now children come and ask me for autographs. Of course, sometimes the parents push them and say to them : “look, it’s Luke Skywalker ! “. I find it unbelievable that children as young as 6 or 7 years to think that we have created Star Wars there are only a few months.

Gala : do you Regret being known for only one role ?

M. H. : are You kidding me ? I never imagined that people would one day remember me for anything. I haven’t done much with my life other than Star Wars that can appeal to the public so I am extremely happy and proud to have had such an impact in the world through this character.

Gala : Is it that you don’t mind not having the leading role in Star Wars ?

M. H. : Well, on the contrary. I found it fascinating to do all this promotion shrouded in mystery, to meet people who were constantly asking if I was still alive in the movie. I appreciated the interest and attention that I have been able to generate. Therefore, I have no problem to not being the first role. Room for the new generation !

Gala :How are you living today in the absence of Carrie Fisher ?

M. H. : I am just trying to manage it in the best possible way. Sometimes, I accept it and sometimes, still today, I feel a lot of anger. It should be there. I know that Carrie would want us to be happy. She wanted to constantly enjoy each day of life, but it is difficult to live without it.

Gala : What do you think of the technological advances that allow us to see an actor deceased in a new movie ?

M. H. : I hope they’re not going to do that to Carrie. It is a phenomenon that will soon be all we touch in Hollywood. Remember Fred Astaire dancing with a vacuum cleaner or Marilyn Monroe through the promotion of a soap ! When Carrie appears and speaks in Rogue One, I have to admit that I found the process very interesting, but I had the impression of seeing a video game and not a movie. My wife and my children love it, however, these new technologies and believe that their use will allow me to remain a legend and never die in Star Wars ! (laughter)

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