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Entertainment 13 December, 2017

Star Wars

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Star Wars : the last Jedi coming out this Wednesday is the opportunity to see one last time Carrie Fisher, who died a year ago. The actress covers the role of worship that he has not brought luck…

Cursed until the end : Carrie Fisher will not see the last Star Wars in which it has turned. The actress, then aged sixty years, has died of a heart attack on December 27, 2016, a few weeks after the end of the filming of the Last Jedi (in theaters Wednesday). Carrie Fisher played for the fifth time, the character worship that has brought him so much happiness that disappointments since 1977, the year of release of the first film, A new hope. “I spent the better part of my existence, since my ten-nine years ago, to be as much myself as princess Leia, she writes in her autobiography Diary of a princess (ed Fantask). I’m fed up with that one confuses me with it, fed up of living in his shadow, I struggle with the resentment it inspires me, I am embracing it, I find myself, I am in your company, I love… ” Between Carrie and Leia, it was I love you, me neither for forty years. An alternation of high (very high) and low (very, very low).
Flash-back. One day in 1976, Carrie Fisher crosses the door of the office run-down of a hollywood studio. It postulates for the cast of Star Wars, presented as a science-fiction film without pretension, and landed the role of princess Leia. Without knowing it, she has just entered in another galaxy. Daughter of the star Debbie Reynolds (Singing in the rain) and singer Eddie Fisher (best known because he left his wife for the beautiful eyes of Elizabeth Taylor), Carrie seems to follow a path set out. She made her stage debut on Broadway in 1971 alongside her mother in the musical comedy Irene. Four years later, she won a first film role, in Shampoo, in the face of Warren Beatty, a serial lover of trays that will do anything to hang on the actress with his impressive array of hunting, in vain. And finally, Star Wars. With its macarons in lieu of a hairstyle, her dress white princess, and then her Bikini gilded six years later in return of The Jedi,Carrie Fisher between walk-in famous the world over. Beyond his expectations. Mark Hamill, the unforgettable interpreter of Luke Skywalker we met in London, says : “During the promotion of the film, in 1977, at the time of our arrival at Chicago, we saw a crowd at the descent of the aircraft. Carrie throws us “Hey, guys, there must be someone famous on our flight !” I answer him : “Look, a girl carries the same hairstyle as you.” You do not believe it : they wanted to be popular, but it is not thought of by people habilleraient like us ! “Even with a strong sense of humour and self-mockery, it’s hard to resist such a whirlwind.
Also, Carrie Fisher does not resist : alcohol, drugs, antidepressants … Has shots of one of his explosive cocktails, it switches to the dark side. Even during the shooting. The Empire strikes back, in 1980, in Britain, it participates in festivals crazy with the Rolling Stones ; on the Return of the Jedi in 1982, cocaine is her best friend. Side of feeling, Carrie is looking, at the image of princess Leia, torn between Luke Skywalker, which it does not know that he is her brother, and Han Solo, this wretch who is exasperating. After a brief affair with Harrison Ford behind the scenes in the first Star Wars, Carrie Fisher fall in love with the singer Paul Simon. But at the same time, the actor Dan Aykroyd the marriage proposal on the filming of the Blues Brothers. After a trip to Nevada to watch Christmas movies under LSD, their history is short and Carrie back in the arms of Paul Simon, whom she married in 1983, before divorcing her a year later… In 1991, she falls in love with Bryan lourd, who will eventually leave her for a man. “He told me that I had made gay “, she says then. Their love is born a daughter, Billie, that we find today in the displays of the new Star Wars.

The curse of Star Wars

Against all odds, the triumph of the saga has not opened the door to the 7th item As the other players revealed in the trilogy – except Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher has never really been able to break later on. There was even talk of a curse of Star Wars. Although adored by millions of fans, the actress can’t littered proposals. She even refuses the role of Sarah Connor in Terminator. It is found, however, in 1986, the poster of Hannah and her sisters, Woody Allen, and then, in 1989, When Harry met Sally. On the other hand, Carrie Fisher begins to carve out a good reputation as an author. She writes novels, is the specialist in the editing of film scripts as ” script doctor “, and publishes his first two autobiographies noticed, Whishful Drinking in 2008, and Shockaholic, 2011. She speaks without taboo of his difficulties, including his stays in a psychiatric hospital and the sessions of ect, revealing that she suffers from bipolarity. But whatever she does, wherever she goes, it is well always to Leia that we will bring it back.
The heroine of Star Wars has far exceeded the simple culture geek. Fantasized by men, the princess at the same time became a symbol for feminist. And his interpreter also. Laura Dern, who plays in the last of The Jedi, and that we have met in Paris, says with conviction : “Leia is a heroine strong, but also honest, sensual, powerful. Qualities that are also found in Carrie Fisher who was a door-to-speech perfect for us, women. “Their male partners recognize them as what it has brought. Mark Hamill explains : “instead of feeling angry because she left us, I try instead to remember what she left us and I am very grateful to him. ”

Proof that the princesses intergalactic have tough skin. Forty years later, Leia is back in a big way in the life of Carrie Fisher. Disney, which bought the franchise of Star Wars, and launch a trilogy, and the heroine is the adventure. Paradoxically, Carrie Fisher is happy to take over the role. Only on the condition that his daughter Billie Heavy is also engaged on the film. A sort of passing of the baton takes on a new dimension since the sudden disappearance of the actress. The young woman of twenty-five years was the sole heir of the fortune of his mother, of whom she was very close : a little over 20 million euros, luxury vehicles and the amount of the sale of the villa of Beverly Hills (approximately 15 million euros) occupied by his grandmother and his mother. Debbie Reynolds has not supported the death of his daughter : “destroyed by grief, declaring to his relatives that the only thing she wanted was to find her, she succumbed to a STROKE the day after the death of Carrie. She was eighty-four years. Billie Heavy must now wear single-family inheritance and the memory of the princess. The new hope, this is it.

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