Star Wars Rogue One: 4 Things You Did not Know About Chirrut (Donnie Yen)

Cinema 22 January, 2017

Chirrut Imwe (Donnie Yen) is one of the most fascinating characters in Star Wars: Rogue One. Here are 4 details about the character you may not know!
Star Wars: Rogue One, which perhaps puts certainly not all his heroines in value , still has many strengths, its characters are not insignificant. Whether Jyn Erso, our badass and determined heroine, Captain Cassian Andor and the somewhat cloudy moral zone in which he evolves or K-2SO and his tendency to swing everything that passes through his head, can not fail To attach themselves to them! Yet in the group, there is one in particular that fascinates us more than others, especially because of the mystery that surrounds it. The editorial ‘of melty obviously wants to talk Chirrut Îmwe, the warrior monk played by Donnie Yen which is also able to face Stormtroopers using a stick as a TIE fighter explode crossbow ( wtf ?). We do not know much about this character, except that he is not a Jedi but that he has an acute awareness of the Force and its movements and that his faith in it is Unshakeable. Fortunately, we can count on the art book ” Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide ” for us to learn a little more about the history of Chirrut but also its very creation . So here are 4 details that you certainly did not know about the character!
He is a Guardian of the Whills
It is Cassian who reveals this little piece of information when Jyn crosses for the first time Chirrut in the streets of the city of Jedha. But it does not help us much. Because a Guardian of Whills, kesako? To find out, we have to go back a long way, at a time when George Lucas was still looking for the right angle to tell his intergalactic story. Originally, the Whills were designed by the director to be equivalent to the Force , immortal beings responsible for recording the history of the galaxy. They almost reappeared in Star Wars: The Attack of the Clones, where they should have been mentioned as having taught Qui-Gon Jin to become one with the Force after his death. But in Star Wars: Rogue One , the Guardians of Whills an ancient order of warriors inextricably linked to the Jedi and responsible for protecting the Temple of Whills the city of Jedha kyber and crystals present inside. Until the day when the Jedi having disappeared and the Empire having spread its dominion everywhere, the Guardians of the Whills are expelled from the temple. And that’s how Chirrut and his companion Baze find themselves in the street, forced to play the soothsayer to earn enough to survive.
He mastered a very precise martial art
It must be admitted, Chirrut is an exceptional warrior, even Donnie Yen wanted to make a blind character in Star Wars: Rogue One ! He spent his life training both physically and mentally, which makes him extremely formidable. But what we know is that he practices a martial art called … zama-Shiwo . ” Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide ” teaches us that the zama-Shiwo involves being fully aware of his body – the muscles that move the heart and breathing rates and all internal functions. A master of the zama-shiwo would then be able to slow down the beating of his heart at will and to realize almost supernatural movements. But above all, a Zama-shiwo disciple also has an acute awareness of the environment and other creatures around him. Which explains why Chirrut has such an elaborate hearing and why he seems to possess a sixth unerring sense!
Baze and he have a complicated long relationship
If Chirrut and Baze sometimes make us think of an old couple, it is because they know each other very, very long! They worked together as Guardians of the Whills – Baze had even been according to Chirrut one of the most devoted Guardians, before something made him change. But what we did not know is that the two men, who consider themselves brothers had a dispute years ago and parted on bad terms . Before of course to rabibocher, in spite of their different approach of the Force. Originally, Chirrut was to represent an almost paternal figure for Baze, especially in his way of perceiving the Force. There is however a bit of this characteristic in the film, especially in the final scene of Baze when it resumes the mantra of Chirrut to face the Troopers of elite that fall on to him.
He has a connection with the Rebel Alliance
We know thanks to a recent information that Chirrut door crystal kyber his stick in Star Wars: Rogue One and is using it to locate the tip of his weapon. But what we did not know was that he has another symbolic object: a pendant of Jedha . But beware, this one is very special! Because as we reveal ” Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide “, it is shaped like a mythical bird … which was taken as a symbol by the Rebel Alliance ! You know, this little three-pointed logo seen everywhere, on the helmets of the pilots and on the uniforms of the officers? For Chirrut, this pendant is supposed to represent his devotion to the Order of the Whill Guardians. Like what the Force, the Alliance, the Whills … everything is bound and Chirrut was destined to join the ranks of the rebels! What is your favorite character in Star Wars: Rogue One?