Star Wars Rogue One: A bigger financial success than The Revival of the Force?

Cinema 2 January, 2017

Star Wars Rogue One, spinoff of the famous franchise created by George Lucas, set to surpass Star Wars 7? Back to the first figures!

Star Wars has always been a reference in terms of blockbuster. The franchise made the fortune of George Lucas since his first episode in 77, paving the way for a rich universe making fans happy over the years. Admittedly films rely heavily on new technologies to to impress viewers through impressive space scenes. And while the revival of Star Wars at the cinema took place through The Force Wake , another episode stood out this year. This is obviously of Star Wars Rogue One, which a detail hidden on Chirrut Ïmwe (Donnie Yen) was unveiled , which generated enormous revenues worldwide.
But can the spinoff fight Awakening Force at the box office? Because this episode made to last the time of a movie turns out to be a backward step in the Star Wars timeline and is not necessarily the most accessible to the uninitiated. Yet the film has already reached $ 600 million worldwide on a budget of 200 million and for output there is a little more than two weeks. Remember, Star Wars 7 had created … 2 billion in revenue! The odds Rogue One makes such a figure is low but the film remains a very big financial success. Not to mention that the CEO of Lucasfilm, Kathleen Kennedy, had said “It leaves space for Rogue One before talking about Star Wars 8” . The ultimate proof that this spinoff is a way to put the mouth of the fans before the next episode. What do you think of these numbers?