Star Wars Rogue One: A character in the movie was almost a Jedi!

Cinema 24 December, 2016

Chirrut is the character who recalls the existence of the Force in Star Wars: Rogue One. But did you know that the film almost brought a Jedi into his plot?
” A Star Wars without Skywalker, Jedi without without the Force? Seriously? Is that possible? “. That’s us at the time of the announcement of the start of construction of Star Wars: Rogue One . And now that the movie is released on our screens, we know that, yes, a Star Wars without Skywalker and without the Force, it is possible. And that it is even hyper cool. For Rogue One is totally different from other films of our favorite intergalactic saga but extends its universe intelligently and with a tone that we immediately conquered , even if it is darker than anything we could See until now. That heroes are ultimately ordinary people who only succeed in their mission by their courage without having the advantage of resting on the Force, only makes them more endearing. So much so that some of us would have hoped that the end of Star Wars: Rogue One is different … Except that in fact a mystical element has almost become embedded in the plot of the movie ! Imagine, the meltynautes, in a first version of the script Rogue One , a Jedi would indeed make an appearance! Attention, SPOILERS!
Well, we notify you immediately, it was not Yoda or Obi-Wan, who is still mentioned in Star Wars: Rogue One, which earned him a place alongside the best cameos of the film . No, originally, the Jedi in question that was to appear was actually linked to Jyn Erso, our heroine. And for good reason, it was his mother! Chris Weitz, the writer of Rogue One and accurately in the art book ” The Art of Rogue One: A Story Star Wars “: ” For a time, the Jedi were to be part of the background of the story, even if they Jyn’s mother was a Jedi, but we thought it would be more interesting to have a story without the Force and without a saber-laser. The despair exists because the Jedi have disappeared and with them, for some, the very memory of the Force, which meant that our story was concentrated on normal characters who resisted on their own . “.
Well, that’s sure it’s funny but we see where the writer is coming from. However, we understand why Lyra Erso ( Valene Kane ) believes it deeply into the Force – which also surprised us, the Force is considered by many as a ” lousy trick ” at the time (huh, Han ?) – and why it has in its possession a kyber crystal , they used to shape the laser-swords Jedi. Maybe even the one that Jyn’s mother would have liked to use to create her weapon, who knows … Anyway, Lyra being condemned to die quickly, she probably would not have had one Great impact on the plot of Rogue One. And she could not have helped her daughter and her companions to steal the plans of the Black Star. So in the end it may be more interesting to see her as a character who knew how to keep faith in the Force in spite of hardships and who could pass on some of her beliefs to Jyn. And there is no doubt that these help our heroine to pass through the trials that stand in her way! Would you like to see Jedi in the movie?