Star Wars Rogue One: A Complete Guide to the Universe of the Movie

Cinema 3 February, 2017

Are you a fan of Star Wars Rogue One? Good news: a complete guide to the film world will soon be available!
Imagined decades ago by George Lucas, the universe of Star Wars has grown steadily through numerous films, series, novels and other comics. Rogue One was an opportunity for fans to learn more about the events that shook the first episode and its characters. For those who do have not enough good news: a comprehensive guide around the film will soon be available . This book should come out at the same time that the Blu-Ray and DVD of Star Wars Rogue One, named in the category of Best Visual Effects Oscar in 2017 , and is already available on Amazon. Entitled The Official Mission Debrief , the displayed cover on the site however is not final.
For those eager to get this Official Mission Debrief , Amazon allows you to pre-order at this address (note: only in English). The French version should logically also be available in the weeks that follow. The book will contain information and other photos on the making-off of Star Wars Rogue One, the deleted scenes will be in the comics Marvel , and anecdotes about the cast, his team etc. The Official Mission Debrief is described as the must-have for all fans of Star Wars : as you say for your copy, it will not delay. Its price is currently set at $ 13.51 (approximately 12.55 euros). What do you think ?