Star Wars Rogue One: A hidden detail on Chirrut Imwe (Donnie Yen) unveiled!

Cinema 31 December, 2016

Chirrut had hidden some little things about him! A new detail was unveiled about him, which explains some of his exploits in Star Wars: Rogue One.
He may be blind, Chirrut Îmwe ( Donnie Yen ) is quite capable of wallop in a band of Stormtroopers! In one pretty crazy scene, the character of Donnie Yen is needed immediately as one of the heroes badass of Star Wars: Rogue One. Besides it is, with Jyn who may be using the Force unknowingly in the film, LE connection to the mystical energy that flows through the galaxy far, far away. Former Guardian Whills, protectors of the Jedi Temple Jedha, the spiritual warrior part in the fighting at the sound of his mantra ” The Force is with me, I am one with the Force .” And we must believe that it works as Chirrut passes through enemy fire and explodes the vessels even at the height of the battle . But what he forgot to tell us was that he was relying on a very useful help. A new hidden detail on the character comes to be unveiled and it sheds new light on his exploits!
Because just imagine, the meltynautes, that Chirrut has also … a crystal kyber as Jyn ! This one is actually in his stick, as revealed by Pablo Hidalgo in the art book ” Star Wars Rogue One: The Ultimate Visual Guide “. The author tells about the crystal kyber: ” Conceived as a symbolic source of inner illumination, it also allows Chirrut better assess where the tip of his stick as it is located can hear both the vibrations of energy and harmonic crystal . “. This explains how he knows precisely where to swing his stick. Coupled with his over-developed hearing, the kyber crystal makes him an extraordinary warrior! So much so that you want (almost) believe Donnie Yen when he says that Chirrut could defeat Darth Vader in Star Wars: Rogue One . But above all, one understands better how the character guesses at once, without knowing it, that Jyn carries a necklace also constituted a crystal kyber. The two crystals may therefore have entered resonance. Anyway, this new little detail again raises the question of the mystic connection that exists between the Force and the kyber crystals, also used to create the Jedi swords! What did you think of the character of Chirrut?