Star Wars Rogue One: An alternative end planned?

Cinema 8 February, 2017

It may well be that the release date of the Blu-Ray movie was unveiled! Will we be entitled to epic bonuses as an alternative ending?
The spin-off Star Wars was the cardboard of this end of year 2016 but also of this beginning of year 2017 while staying at the head of the box office North American during the New Year’s weekend. Elsewhere the 28th film of the History (and the 3rd one of the universe Star Wars) exceeded the billion dollars of receipts. A real success for this first derivative of the intergalactic universe that gave mixed opinions at the beginning of its production . But the result is there, fans as well as critics were thrilled with the feature film of Gareth Edwards who is nominated Oscar in the category “Best Special Effects”. While a comprehensive guide to the Star Wars universe Rogue One film will soon be available on March 28, the release date of the DVD and Blu-Ray should be around the same period. Will he like in the edition of the Force Alarm many bonuses, featurettes and especially cut scenes? This is what we hope in any case, and we should not be the only ones! Remember that many scenes in the film had to be shot again, can we then see a few and learn the why of how this new shoot?
Even better, could part of the team still be alive in the first version? In the first trailer for Rogue One can see Jyn Cassian and run under enemy fire, the rebel holding plans in his hand. Only in the cinema, these plans never left the base, Jyn carrying them to the top of the Tower in order to transmit them to the Rebel fleet. Did some members of the team have to stay alive? Not at all ! Gareth Edwards spoke in Empire by announcing that there was no version of the film where the team survived: “I was waiting for someone to me ‘You know what? Should we shoot a scene more? where we would see Jyn Cassian and living on another planet? But it never happened. Nobody gave us this bill, so we did ” . A sad news for some fans, just the fact of keeping them alive would have added a new question to the three issues raised by the film saga resolved : why the team would be absent from A New Hope in this case? In any case, we are looking forward to discovering what the Blu-Ray edition has to offer! Will you buy Blu-Ray?