Star Wars Rogue One: Carrie Fisher Loved Her Cameo In The Movie

Cinema 7 January, 2017

Rogue One A Star Wars Story contains some surprises including an appearance of Carrie Fisher. An experience that the actress today disappeared very much liked.
It is the surprise of end of film that we loved! When we went to see Snape A one Star Wars Story we obviously liked the film, but what made us the most pleasure, was to find some characters of the first trilogy. So we proposed to you to discover the best cameos of Rogue One , we return to that made by Carrie Fisher which eventually turned into a tribute to the actress since her disappearance last December. The visual effects supervisor at Lucasfilm said: “She was involved in the process, she saw the end result and she loved” . The adventure Star Wars was finished so well for the actress who also finished filming Star Wars 8 .
Following the tragic death of Carrie Fisher, the fate of Leia in the rest of the Star Wars franchise is uncertain , so much so that rumors announce that the scenes of the actress could be removed the next phase, a hypothesis which obviously displeased To the fans and we understand them! Leia had to be present in key scenes of Episode VIII and imagine badly the film without her … Did you like the appearance of Carrie Fisher in Rogue One?