Star Wars Rogue One: Does Jyn use Force in the movie?

Cinema 25 December, 2016

The Force is far from being absent from Star Wars: Rogue One that we wanted to make us believe! And some elements make us think that Jyn is able to use it …
If Rogue One is so different from other movies Star Wars , this is because, firstly, it is a war movie and then because no character is supposed to master the Force. Indeed, Chirrut (Donnie Yen) believes deeply in the Force, repeating the same mantra from the beginning to the end of the story, a mantra that even allows him to avoid the Stormtroopers’ shots (which are still aiming badly). But he is the only one to testify to the existence of the mystical energy that watches over the order of the galaxy. Unless … Because you do not know but perhaps a Star Wars: Rogue One was nearly a Jedi , and that character is none other than Lyra Erso, the mother of our heroine. Suddenly, when we learn this, we come to see Jyn in a different light. What if the young woman was finally sensitive to the Force? You think we’re delirious, at melty’s? And yet! In reality, there is a stage and an element of the film that could well prove Jyn has the ability unknowingly use the Force … Warning, spoilers, obviously.
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Does crystal allow Jyn to channel the Force?
Remember this scene at the beginning of the film, while the family of Galen gets the visit of Krennic and is about to flee. Lyra provides the time her daughter a necklace containing a crystal kyber saying: ” Trust in the Force .”. His mother therefore believes deeply in the Force, at a time when it seems to have disappeared and is no longer considered as a bunch of nonsense for gullible people. That, in itself, is already surprising. What surprises us most too, is that Lyra has in his possession a kyber crystal , they used as you know to build laser-swords Jedi. And this necklace will make appearances throughout the Star Wars: Rogue One and at times not quite innocuous.
The first occurs when Jyn is out with Cassian and K 2 SO (which is also great in Rogue One R2 and C-3PO in the rest of the Star Wars saga) to join Jedha. She has a dream where she remembers a scene that took place when she was little between her father, mother and Galen. And her reflex, when she wakes up, is to grab her collar. Who tells us that this dream is not ultimately induced by the kyber crystal and the Force? Do you think the idea is a bit capillotract? However, Chirrut itself proves that Jyn has a special relationship with the Force . While meeting her for the first time on Jedha, he immediately establishes a connection with her and immediately guesses the presence of the kyber crystal. What prompts us to ask ourselves a few questions, all the same! Not to mention that the next appearance of the necklace may have a hidden meaning …
When our heroes arrive at Scarif, Bodhi Rook ( Riz Ahmed ) communicates the number of the imperial shuttle, hoping to cross the shield that surrounds the planet. And we can see Jyn squeezing his neck very hard, praying certainly for the imperial officers to let them pass. This moment of tension is followed by a moment of triumph when the ship of Jyn and his rebel companions is allowed to pass. So, of course, this authorization can be explained by the fact that the imperial code is still valid. But, and if Jyn was actually responsible for this success? Because it is likely that without the knowledge and purely instinctive way, our heroine is simply … influenced the spirit of Imperial communications officer to let them pass ! Of course, this would indicate a rather extraordinary power on the part of Jyn, who has never been in contact with a Jedi. But we saw what was capable Rey in The Force Wake from the time it begins to believe in the Force, precisely.
So of course, this is not irrefutable proof that Jyn knows how to use the Force, far from it. But there is almost no doubt that the mystical energy is well with our rebels! In spite of all the obstacles, the chances of extremely low successes – as K-2SO constantly points out – and everything that could go wrong at any moment, it is none the less true that our heroes succeed in putting Hand on the plans of the Black Star. It is therefore easy to believe that our Rebels are guided and protected by the Force, which in no way detracts from the strength of their courage, their determination and the importance of their sacrifice. Whether or not Jyn is sensitive to the Force, the question may remain unanswered for a long time. Anyway, we still really want to believe it, if only because it would establish another link between Jyn Star Wars: Rogue One and Luke , our favorite Jedi! Do you think Jyn is using Force in the film?