Star Wars Rogue One: Gareth Edwards decrypts one of the key scenes of Dark Vador

Cinema 4 January, 2017

The presence of Lord Sith made a strong impression one can not deny it, the director returned to his first appearance in Rogue One.
Released several weeks ago, the spin off of Gareth Edwards continues to carton the cinema. And fans want more, passionate about the film. One even wonders if the posters of “Rogue One” made by fans are not more beautiful than the official? It’s up to you to find out! Just as these posters, Star Wars Rogue One Story is a real pleasure to see so many of these new characters searched his impressive scenes. And there was one in particular that attracted the attention of the fans: the first appearance of Dark Vader. Although it is evoked several times, it is necessary to wait a certain time before discovering the Sith Lord in flesh and bone. And flesh, yes, there are. Indeed we find Dark Vador receiving care in a tank, but the most notable detail is the lack of costume. Forgotten the helmet and the black paraphernalia, Dark Vador finds himself in a position of weakness, something that we had not seen for a long time. But why such a staging for a first entry? Gareth Edwards explains in an interview wanted wanted given another facet of the character.
“I am jealous of moments like in the Empire Against Attack, when we see the back of Vador’s skull and we say ‘Oh my god, it’s too cool’, and I wanted to try something The scene of the bacta vuve was actually inspired by Chris Cunningham’s idea of ​​being in milk [like Bjork’s clip] All Is Full Of Love. It does not have to be fun for him when he is not in his costume.I like the idea of ​​showing him as vulnerable.Vador is very very bad, so I try to slip something unveiling his humanity, or Allowing him to have empathy for him.See these scars and his amputation, remember this before he did all these things tear you a bit.I think it’s a complex character in many ways ” . A character which had to soak, discover how the actor behind the Darth Vader mask was prepared role in Star Wars Rogue One. What did you think of this scene?