Star Wars Rogue One: How did the actor behind Dark Vader’s mask prepare for the role?

Cinema 3 January, 2017

While Star Wars Rogue One has allowed us to find Dark Vador, find out how the actor behind the mask has prepared for the role!

A mythical role! While we were wondering if Star Wars: Rogue One might have more success than The Force Alarm , this spin-off has mostly anthological introduces new characters, not without failing to bring others we love and fear. The fans were conquered by the return of Dark Vader. We know that James Earl Jones was once again the original voice of the character and that two different actors, Daniel Naprous and Spencer Wilding, donned the costume. Numerous speculation indicated that the former was under the costume for the reshoots, while the second was the Dark Vader of the trailer and the scene where we find him for the first time. During a screening in his hometown in the UK, Spencer Wilding gave an interview in which he returned to this role. Without revealing whether or not he actually did the breathing sounds while he was in costume, he said: “This character has so much presence … It’s amazing I’m only a small part. Star Wars. This is a major production and it brings a lot of magic to the film. It’s just awesome ” . He does not say much that his excitement is palpable when he talks about this experience.
He continues by discussing the training he has had to have the mannerism of the Lord Vader. he declared: “We studied the movements of Darth Vader We had a trainer who has not let us We wanted to keep the spirit ‘Darth Vader’ This is the dream of every actor I can not believe..!. always not !” The dedication of the actors paid as we can see with the popularity of Dark Vader which only grows. We know there will be no sequel to this film because it already exists with Episode 4. However, with other anthologies in the making, including one dedicated to Han Solo, there is always a potential for Darth Vader . The question now is whether or not, after his appearance in Star Wars: Rogue One, Dark Vader deserves to have his own film. Would you like to learn more about the character?